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December 5, 2012 • Reviews

Fisheye + Wide Angle (+Macro) + 2X + 9X + 12X Telephoto Lens Combo for iPhone 5

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In June of 2011 I reviewed the multi-lens combo kit from for the iPhone4. Then I said that while the kit will not replace your D-SLR and a case full of lenses it is very useful and perfect for the consummate iPhoneographer.

I just finished testing the new iPhone5 combo lens kit and I reaffirm those findings with additional good news. In my previous review I recommended throwing away the 8x lens once you receive your kit. Seems someone was listening as that piece has now been replaced with a 9x telephoto lens attachment that is on par with the quality and construction of the other pieces in this new kit.

The iPhone5 kit features a smoky black case the lenses thread in to. The new case does not cover the built-in torch/flash of the device but most lenses do block the light when attached.

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Lenses supplied with the new kit include a .28X 180-degree fisheye, .68X wide angle, 2X telephoto, 9X telephoto, and 12X telephoto lens. Also supplied are two macro attachments that are part of the wide-angle lenses and are utilized by unscrewing them from the from lens element. Be warned, these are super macro lenses and the device will have to be mere inches from your subject to capture a focused image.

All of the lens attachments feature metal bodies and glass lens elements with the 9X and 12X super telephoto models having an extra focusing barrel.

While the lenses can all be used handheld I would recommend the included mini-tripod when shooting with the 9X and 12X.

The kit also includes a set of instructions and a pouch to carry the lenses. There is also a ΒΌ-inch threaded expandable case clip for attaching the phone to any stabilizing device for photography or videography. Hint: You can use the phone in the case with clip attached to the mini-tripod for desktop viewing.

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As to the quality of the images from the lens attachments I found there is still softening at the edges especially with the 9X and 12X pieces with some vignetting (darkening at the corners) as well but as many street photographers, Lo-fi photographers and iPhoneographers are adding these effects to images anyway this is a minor tradeoff and even a benefit for many.

The combo lens kit is very useful and I recommend it for any budding iPhoneographer whether your interests lie in still or video shooting. Pricing from is under a hundred bucks and includes the case, pouch, lenses (with lens caps), clip and mini-tripod.

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Likes: Wide range of lenses; solid metal and glass construction; lens caps and mini-tripod included.
Dislikes: The Flash Light of the iPhone5 is blocked when a lens is attached to the accessory back.
MSRP: USD $98.99
Find At: (Fisheye + Wide Angle (+Macro) + 2X + 9X + 12X Telephoto Lens Combo for iPhone 5 (Smoky Black)
Product Code#:UF003111)

Final words: If you are into iPhoneography, get this kit.

I took the lens kit and my iPhone5 along on a photo shoot for a recent vehicle I tested for future review. Here are the images with and without lenses attached and all shot handheld:

Image shot with iPhone5, no lens attached/All vehicle images by Author

Image shot with fisheye lens

Image shot with wide angle lens

Image shot with 2X telephoto lens

Image shot with 9X telephoto lens

Image shot with 12X telephoto lens

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