Motorola TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones Offer Something New

It takes a lot for companies to distinguish themselves in the ever-more-crowded true wireless earphone market. Motorola is one company that’s found a way. Their new Motorola TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones are rather unique; here’s why.

The in-ear earphone market breaks down into three basic camps. There are wired in-ear earphones. These currently come in a choice of 3.5mm connector, Lightning connector or USB-C connector. There are in-ear wireless earphones with a cable connecting one to the other. These are great for sports and deliver decent battery life. Finally, there are true wireless earphones that completely cut the cord. Most earphones take one of the other approaches. The UE Custom earphones I recently reviewed take two of these approaches and can be used as wired earphones or wireless earphones with a smart loop connecting one to the other. The Motorola TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones, however, take all three approaches.

The Motorola TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones can function are true wireless earphones. When used this way the offer 7 hours of playtime and get an additional 11 hours of payback when using the included charging case. In addition, with just fifteen minutes of charging in the case, the earphones can deliver up to three hours of playback.

The TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 and carry an IPX51 waterproof rating for protection from rain and dust. And, since this is 2020 you won’t be surprised to learn the have a microphone for hands-free calling and one button access to the smart assistant of your choice including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

That’s pretty much standard fare these days. Where Motorola’s new offering stands out is in its transformer-esque qualities thanks to two included cables.

Unlimited Playtime. Zero Limitations.: Combining the best of true wireless and the best of sports and wired headphones together to revolutionize the listening experience of users with dierent lifestyles. Tech3, integrated with Tri-X patented pioneer technology, is a 3-in-1 headphone that can be used as true wireless, sport loop, or audio plug-in headphones. It also features a magnetic charging case with an integrated cable management system. Fusing the hybrid solution boasts a 7-hour playtime on the buds, 11 hours on the case, 15-minute fast charging for 3-hour playtime, and the best sound and voice quality. Tech3 brings together the best of both worlds and the unlimited possibilities of supreme flexibility

Plug in the included 3-pin Look Style Cable and the earphones transform into wireless earphones with a sport loop. These offer added stability, additional battery life and an easy-to-find series of controls.

Connect to the 3.5mm or Lightning Connection Cable to the 3-pin Look Style Cable and the earphones transform into wired earphones.

So one purchase gets you three different in-ear headphones. Connect the AUX cable and you have a traditional pair of in-ear headphones. Connect the earbuds using the wireless cable, loop the wire behind your neck and you have a traditional pair of wireless headphones. Finally, disconnect the wireless cable and you have a pair of true wireless earphone.


  • 7 hours playtime with 11 hours charging case
  • Waterproof IPX51
  • Cable management case
  • Turbo charge 3 hrs in 15 mins
  • Unlimited playtime with audio plug in
  • Smart voice assistant (works with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant)
  • Microphone for handsfree calls
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Portable Charging Case
  • Ear Buds Set
  • 3.5mm or Lightning Connection Cable
  • 3-pin Look Style Cable
  • Usb Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Even the battery case is unique. In addition to protecting and charging the earbuds, it has a space for each of the included cables.

The Motorola TECH3 3-in-1 True Wireless Headphones are impressive. We won’t know how they sound until we get a review sample in hand but the ability to use them in any of three different modes is intriguing. We are looking forward to more details, pricing, and our hands-on experience in the upcoming weeks.

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