USBFever Wide Angle + (Macro) + Fish Eye + 2X + 8X + 12X Telephoto Lens Combo for iPhone 4G

The world of photography with the iPhone, or iPhoneography, is a growing phenomenon and photography related apps are emerging faster than most can keep up. Most of these apps do little for enhancing the initial photography experience in that none allow for optical manipulation of the scene, merely digital.

Enter and their Wide Angle + (Macro) + Fish Eye + 2X + 8X + 12X Telephoto Lens Combo for iPhone 4G.

The lenses all screw onto an accessory back that is included in the kit and a tripod and device holder are included as well.

This kit will not replace the good old Nikon and assortment of lenses I own nor is it meant to. It is merely a way to extend the range of the iPhone4 and it is done optically. If you are serious about iPhoneography then this kit is a must for you.

The pieces, except for one, are built very well and all the lenses include lens caps. I keep them all in the little bag that comes with them and store them in a compartment in my Pelican professional case to use as a fun alternative when on location.

We are not talking about precision European cut glass here – far from it – but the kit performs well and for under 100 bucks you extend your shooting range from fisheye to ultra-telephoto and that is a deal.

There is some vignetting with some of the lenses (dark areas in the corners) and some of them go soft (focus) towards the edges but many of the apps you may find yourself using will add a lot of these effects anyway so I call it a fair tradeoff.

The lenses included are:
• 180 degree fisheye;
• .65x wide angle that doubles as a macro lens;
• 2x short telephoto;
• 8x telephoto with focus ring, and;
• 12x super telephoto with focus ring and tripod collar.

All of the lenses are fine quality except for the 8x. Do yourself a favor and throw it away when you get it. Don’t take the chance of missing a great shot when you have this lens on your iPhone. You will NOT get a great shot, or a good shot, or anything close. The 12x however is the complete polar opposite. Metal body with tripod collar make it an exceptional iPhone lens.

The price of this package MINUS the 8x lens is still a great bargain.

Below are some images I took with the various lenses:

Above image of graffiti on stucco wall without any lens attachments.

Above image taken with fisheye lens.

Above image taken with .65 wide angle/macro lens.

Above image taken with 2x lens.

Above left is image without any lens. Above right is with 12x super telephoto lens.

Likes: Wide range of lenses; solid 12x lens with collar; lens caps included.
Dislikes: The plastic 8x lens.
Note: The Flash Light of the iPhone4 is blocked when a lens is attached to the accessory back.
Final words: If you are into iPhoneography get this kit.
MSRP: $94.99


Wide Angle + (Macro) + Fish Eye + 2X + 8X + 12X Telephoto Lens Combo for iPhone 4G
Product Code#:UFAA002203

Introductions:?This is the combo package for the lens (functionally) as follows:?- 180° Fish Eye Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 4G?- Wide Angle Lens (+ Macro Lens) for iPhone 4G ?- (Macro Lens) for iPhone 4G (see note below)?- 2X Telephoto Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 4G?- 8X Telephoto with Hard Case for iPhone 4G?- 12X Telephoto with Hard Case for iPhone 4G
Features: ?- One Package for Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle Lens (+ Macro Lens), 2X, 8X and 12X Telephoto Lens?- One Back Cover for All Lens?- With Tripod for taking pictures under extreme situation.?- Suitable for other professional tripod (Diameter 1/4″ (1/4″-20″ or 1/4-20) thread)?- Independent Back Cover, when you don’t need the lens, just screw them off then you can go.
This accessory is suitable for (compatible with):?- Apple iPhone 4
Colors Available (Back Cover only):?- Black?- White
How to use??- Please see their corresponding product pages
Specifications:?- Please see their corresponding product pages
Package Contents:?- Wide Angle (+ Marco Lens) Lens x 1?- Fish Eye Lens x 1?- 2X Lens x 1?- 8X Telescope with manual fine tune x 1?- Super 12X Telescope with manual fine tune x 1?- Back Hard Case (Back cover) x 1?- iPhone holder x 1 ?- Holder ring (attach to the 12X Telephoto) x 1?- Mini Tripod x 1??Packaging:?- Box
Note:?- The Back cover included in this package is just for the Lens in this package, not suitable for other lens in our shop unless otherwise specified.?- Only one back cover will be shipped. ?- The Flash Light will be blocked when the lens is in use.?- The Wide angle lens has included a Macro Lens inside, so there will be not a individual Macro Lens.

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