Parents, Check Out These 12 Myths of Protecting Your Kids Online

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Parents, Check Out These 12 Myths of Protecting Your Kids Online Listen to this article

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This holiday season millions of kids will be getting an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Kindle Fire, Nook and so on … and maybe a few will get a traditional PC or Mac. One of the first things they will do with it is get online. Maybe just for email, but if they are under 30 probably not.

For most kids getting online involves Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and so on … but also web chat areas, Homestuck and other fandoms, and so on.

Bottom line – kids are used to an always-online world … and predators are adapting to the changing trends faster than parents can learn what their kids are up to. As a result there is loads of misinformation and bad or outdated advice being passed on to parents … with the potential outcome being tragic.

While the old advice of ‘open communications’ and ‘extensive monitoring’ are the cornerstones to helping your kids stay safe, there are more ways you can let your guard down. Here are a dozen myths to watch out for:

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