Aranez Flip iPhone 5 Leather Case Review


Stacey just did a review of the Aranez Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case. (Read it here.) She liked it.

Mike reviewed the Aranez Book Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case. (Read Mike’s review.) He liked it too!

Let’s go for the trifecta and look at the Aranez Flip iPhone 5 Leather Case. More accurately, let’s let my father-in-law Mark go on camera and talk about it.

Screen Shot 2012 12 26 at 4 07 57 PM Mark Down South… WAY Down South

When last my father-in-law (aka Gear Diary’s Grumpy Old Man) appeared on the site, he was discussing why he was finally taking the leap and getting an iPhone 5. The phone arrived (two actually since my mother-in-law also got one), and so began the search for a case he would want to use. Mark had a few requirements: He needed a case that covered the screen, he needed a case that was easy to use, and he needed a case that let him quickly and easily move the cover out of the way.

I gave him a case. He didn’t like it.

I gave him another case. He didn’t like that one either.

I gave him the Aranez Flip iPhone 5 Leather Case that had arrived for review right before we left for vacation in Aruba. That was a month ago, and it is only now that I was able to get his take on the case. Why so long? Simple, while we were in Aruba, my in-laws left for a three-week trip to Antarctica. That’s right, this case has been to the South Pole and back already!

Here’s a look at the case and Mark’s thoughts on it. (Spoiler alert… he freakin’ loves it!)

IMG 7077

As you can see, Mark likes the case… a lot. It is a keeper, and the features make clear why this is such a premium case.

Crafted from premium high performance kangaroo leather

Slimline stylish design

Silver stitching that differentiates from the rest

Business and credit card holders

Access to all buttons and charge ports

Guarantee of Quality with each case

Holds the iPhone 5 securely

Protects the iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches

1 year limited warranty


So Aranez comes in for a third time in a row with a case that looks good, works well and gets high praise from the Gear Diary team… even the Old Guy likes it! You can learn more and order yours here on the product page.

MSRP: $69.95

What I Like: Beautiful leather; Simple and elegant in its design; Flip cover protects the screen but flips out of the way with ease; I don’t have to hear Mark complain that he doesn’t like his iPhone case any longer

What Needs Improvement: Pricey; Took Mark a few minutes to figure out which way was up

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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