iRig Stomp Now Available Everywhere!

iRig Stomp Now Available Everywhere!

When I reviewed the iRig Stomp last month, I said:

It is easy to look at iRig Stomp and think ‘that’s it’? That is because ‘all’ it does is switch the signal path between using the iOS device or NOT using it. But in reality there is much more – it has to stand up to the rigors of BEING a stomp box, it has to have a clean signal path, and it needs to provide reliable functionality with all of the little extras IK Multimedia customers have come to expect. And iRig Stomp delivers admirably on all of those points. The switch is smooth and triggers easily; the sound is clean and clear; and I could stand on it without fear of breakage. And every time I hit the switch it triggered. Who could ask for anything more?

At the time, the iRog Stomp was available through Guitar Center or the IK Multimedia Store. But today IK Multimedia is announcing the wide availability of iRig Stomp through online and ‘brick & mortar’ retailers everywhere (my local Wal-Mart has a dedicated end cap for IK stuff!).

Here is some of their press release:

IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation accessories and apps announced today that iRig STOMP, the first guitar and bass stompbox-style interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, is now available from retailers worldwide and the IK Multimedia online store.

iRig STOMP is the first stompbox-style guitar and bass interface that fits right in with your existing pedalboard allowing you to connect your instrument to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and incorporate your mobile amps and effects into your live rig. It’s based on the wildly popular AmpliTube iRig interface which has sold over half a million units to date. The advancements made in iRig STOMP revolutionize the way you connect your instrument to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with multiple, intuitive features that make using an iOS device in a live setting easy and fun.

• Compact, durable yet lightweight, aluminum-cast enclosure integrates easily into any traditional pedalboard.
• Can be used inline with other effects pedals or directly connected to amplifiers or PA systems using regular ¼” guitar cables with no need for adapters.
• Large input gain knob provides precise adjustment of the signal for perfect guitar and bass levels.
• Active battery-powered output circuit improves headroom, especially when used with high-gain amplifiers in the AmpliTube app, reducing feedback and crosstalk when recording.

Check out the iRig Stomp at your local music or electronics shop, or grab one online from your favorite retailer or from IK Multimedia direct!

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