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January 17, 2013 • Autos, Events, Gear Bits

The Honda EV-STER Concept Car, Hot Wheels for Adults

Gear Diary Honda EV STER 004
One of the best things about spending some time at the North American International Auto Show was having the chance to see some of the cool concept cars.

Gear Diary Honda EV STER 002

Chief among them was this EV-STER Roadster concept from Honda.

EV-STER is a next generation roadster powered by electricity. Based on Honda’s unchanging principles, it shows what a genuine small sports car can be.

Gear Diary Honda EV STER 005

Gear Diary Honda EV STER 001

IMG 0069

Even the steering mechanism screams “cool”!

Gear Diary Honda EV STER

I love the look, I love the fact that it is electric, and I truly hope some of these design features make it to market.

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