Withings Introduces New Smart Kid Scale


It seems like the newest leap in technology is connecting everything. We’ve connected ourselves through smartphones, our homes through appliances, and now we’re even connecting our babies to our smartphones. Withings has moved baby technology beyond baby monitors to a new “Smart Kid Scale” that lets you track how fast your baby is growing and gaining weight.

I am a bit torn about this concept. On the one hand, it’s a great way for parents to visualize how their child is growing and best monitor their size and weight. On the other, there’s a point where we obsess too much about numbers and data, and if a baby is healthy and growing, do you really NEED a scale and companion app to track them that regularly?

Withings says the goal of the scale is to help bring healthy weight tracking to kids, and help combat childhood obesity. It’s a worthy goal, but I have yet to meet a toddler who understands weight, let alone the idea that overeating leads to a bigger number on a scale. This seems a bit like taking a grown-up concept and shrinking it, rather than adapting it to a child’s perspective. But then again, if it encourages families to eat well and monitor their health, that’s what’s most important!

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is available from Withings.com and other retailers for $179.95.  The Withings Baby Companion app is available for free from the App Store at itunes.apple.com.

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