Why Lance Armstrong Deserves That Lifetime Ban Despite His Confession


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Why Lance Armstrong Deserves That Lifetime Ban Despite His Confession Listen to this article


I never really gave Lance Armstrong much thought before this summer’s news of lifetime bans and sanctions for doping. It was shocking to see some of the reports and the depth of performance enhancing drug use that had penetrated professional cycling. As much as it shocked some people (or confirmed the suspicions of others), professional runner Lauren Fleshman has a more personal view as a fellow athlete. Her response to Lance’s confession, and rumors that he is only confessing to get his ban on competing lifted, is an insight into how much of a dirty shadow Lance casts over professional endurance athletes:

There will still be pro athletes who are reluctant to speak up, but to them I will say this: For every cheater, there are 99 of us doing it right. If we allow our governing bodies to aid in softening Lance’s sentence, we will suffer far more than we benefit.

Her entire post is worth reading; I hope the USADA and WADA (anti-doping authorities) read it as well and take it to heart. Lance showed poor character and judgement, and his legacy of lying and cheating needs to end forever, so he doesn’t poison sports for future generations!

Via Ask Lauren Fleshman

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