World’s First iOS Guitar/Bass Multi-FX System with Wireless Foot Switch Hardware

World's First iOS Guitar/Bass Multi-FX System with Wireless Foot Switch Hardware

Last year from NAMM we got the iRig Stomp, which was able to control AmpliTube effects chains from a robust ‘stomp box’. It was clear that we would soon be getting a full effects board worth of controls, though I wouldn’t have expected the first one to be wireless! JamUp Pro XT and AirTurn have teamed up to power the first BlueTooth wireless multi-effects pedal system for iOS.

Check out the demo video:

I have not used JamUp’s app yet, but this looks intriguing – I will keep an eye on NAMM reports to get more hands-on details for this one!

The AirTurn BT-105 with two ATFS-2 Pedals and Pedal board retails for $119.95; Four pedal AirTurn BT-105 with ATFS-2 pedals retails for $159. Download JamUp XT for free at the iTunes App Store.

via AirTurn

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