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January 24, 2013 • Gear Bits, Health and Fitness

Here Are Just Some of the Other Benefits of Sex


Sex is great because … well, if I have to explain THAT then I probably can’t help. But aside from the obvious benefit of being sex, there are numerous health benefits … and the folks at Greatist have detailed them out with links to some of the studies.

Here are a few:

• It can ward off the cold and flu

• It can improve overall physical fitness

• It decreases risk for heart disease

* It lowers risks during pregnancy

Head to Greatist to check out the full list, along with all of the links to the studies and research demonstrating these benefits.

There are other resources looking at the health benefits of sex including WebMD, ABC, Women’s Day, and many more.

Have you heard of any healthy side-benefits of sex? Let us know!

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