Amp Up Your Workout With TITIN Force Shorts

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Professional couch potatoes can skip this one, but if you’re serious about your workouts and are interested in weighed wearables to improve performance, then keep reading. TITIN Force weighted compression shorts add five pounds of weight to your workout routine, focusing on your hamstrings, thighs, and glutes. Sounds like fun huh?Like last year’s successfully funded Force shirt which added 13 pounds of weight to the chest and back, the key to the TITIN Force Shorts is the even distribution of weight and the extra comfort. Unlike weighted vests, which can put extra pressure on the shoulders and can negatively impact mobility and posture, Force apparel keeps the load off of the joints.
TITIN Force Shorts
The weights are composed of a gel that can be either heated or cooled, extending the utility of the Force apparel to after workout recovery as well. The weights also stay pliable at all temperatures, and come with a lifetime warranty. With enough funding, the creator hopes to mass produce the Force shorts, improve materials and workmanship, and eventually start offering long pants as well.



The recently launched Kickstarter campaign is already going strong, with nearly $20,000 in pledges made so far, with another 26 days to go in the campaign. Rewards range from $24 for a TINTIN Lifestyle tri-blend t-shirt to $344 for the complete system, which includes the Force Shirt and Shorts.

TITIN Force Shorts

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