Stay Hydrated With the Vapur Element Anti-Water Bottle!

Proper summer hydration is must. That’s especially true if, like me, you are headed to Israel and Greece in a few weeks. And while Raina and I both tend to carry a Nalgene Water Bottle with us everywhere, the thought of traveling with a big, bulky water bottle doesn’t appeal to me. That’s where the Vapur Element Anti-Bottle comes in.

Stay Hydrated With the Vapur Element Anti-Water Bottle!
Unlike a traditional water bottle, the Vapur Element is collapsible, packable, and clippable. It has an unusual design that makes it ideal for long trips but will also work just fine as your daily go-to hydration system.

Stay Hydrated With the Vapur Element Anti-Water Bottle!
The company explains the bottle’s design and functionality this way:

“Hydrate your need, Adrenaline Junkie! Every day should be a new adventure and the bottle you drink from should be as flexible as you. That’s why the Vapur Element and integrated SuperCap were designed from the ground-up to meet the performance needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The Element’s patented flexible design is lighter and easier to hold than rigid bottles, keeping you hydrated no matter the terrain.

The Element is a performance water bottle created for running, climbing and even the most extreme sports. The widemouth of the flip-top SuperCap equips it for even greater gulp-ability.”


“With a stronger, integrated attachment clip built into the cap, the Element hangs on tight during high adventure and variable ground. The lightweight, portable, ultra-durable design of the Element makes it a favorite of both urban and outdoor runners. Available in two high-capacity, 0.7 and 1.0 liter, sizes, staying hydrated with the flexible Vapur Element is a breeze compared to rigid sports water bottles. So, whether you’re hiking, biking or running the trails, this foldable, reusable water bottle is ready for anything. Are you?”

The Vapur Element Anti-Bottle is made in the USA from BPA-free polyethylene and nylon. Depending on how you use (and abuse) the bottle it should last three to five years. and when it comes time to clean it- often I hope- you are in luck: the Vapur Waterbottle is dishwasher-safe.

Stay Hydrated With the Vapur Element Anti-Water Bottle!
I love the fact that you can roll the empty Vapur up and use the attached caribeener to keep it as small as possible when not in use.

Stay Hydrated With the Vapur Element Anti-Water Bottle!
And the cap? Let’s just say I wish every water bottle had a cap that was this easy to open and close but still kept water inside unless you actually want a drink. I ordered the .7 liter version for $11.99 and am so impressed with it that I will likely order the 1 liter bottle before I head to Israel.

Source: Personal purchase of the Vapur Element Anti-Bottle water bottle.

What I Like: Collapsable; Free-standing when full; Rolls up for easy transport; Dishwasher-safe; Should last years

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far but I’ll report back after usinf them on my trips

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