Thermometer for the Naturalist that Will Leaf the Competition Behind

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For those seeking escape from the mechanical, desiring a more natural space, yet have the nagging desire to have an idea of what the approximate room temperature is in you sanctuary, Gizmine may have the thermometer for you. The aptly named Leaf Thermometer not only looks natural and realistic, it actually gives you a rough idea of how warm or cold it is by changing its color accordingly. No more straining eyes at small gradients on glass thermometers or glancing at digital readouts … just check the color! Henry David Thoreau would have been proud to have one while loitering about Walden Pond.


By glancing at the Leaf Thermometer, users can instantly determine their area’s rough temperature by virtue of its color alone: brown for temps less than 68 F, green for the sweet spot of 68 to about 77 degrees F, and yellow for above 78 F. The color choices are apropos because they emulate what many deciduous trees do in response to temperature: yellow in extreme heat as you might see in a summer drought, green in Spring and early Summer or brown in the late Fall or Winter when the leaves have died off and turned brown in the cold. So, brown for cool, green for comfortable and yellow for hot. Perfect for those folks who don’t really want or need to be obsessive-compulsive about knowing the current temps to the decimal.

The Leaf Thermometer comes in two varieties: a small pack with 8 small leaves or a large pack with 5 large leaves, so you can stick a leaf in the right spot in several rooms, or get creative and arrange a collage of sorts on a wall. For who have a programmable thermostat, you would be able to see the leaves change according to the season, functional art in imitation of life.



Leaf Thermometer (designed by Hideyuki Kumagai)


MSRP: $19.99

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