Trust your Keys to the KeySmart Pro with Built-in Tile Tracking

If you’re looking to stop the jingle jangle of keys that create a big bulge in your pocket, you’ll love the KeySmart Pro.  It’s a key organizer that fits all of your keys into the size of a Swiss Army Knife, PLUS it’s got built-in smart features like a flashlight, and Tile functionality so you’ll never lose your keys again!

I’m no stranger to key organizers; I previously used a gorgeous aluminum key organizer with a built-in knife from Quiet Carry, which I had backed through Kickstarter. However, I found that although it kept my keys nicely organized, it weighed a bit much and I didn’t use the knife often enough.  Fellow Gear Diary writer, Greg, was such a huge fan of KeySmart products, that I knew I had to try KeySmart’s new offering. You can check out Greg’s review of the KeySmart 2.0 here.

Made out of light, shatterproof & scratch proof polycarbonate plastic, the KeySmart Pro is the perfect union of size, weight, and functionality.    The features packed into the KeySmart Pro makes it well worth the $59.99 investment.

Built-in features include:

  • Tracking via the Tile app
  • LED flashlight
  • Unique design allows you to hold between 2-50 keys (with expansion packs)
  • Universal design that will fit almost any key
  • Eliminates key jingle
  • Hides the jagged edges of keys for easy access
  • The KeySmart Pro also comes with a built-in bottle opener that also functions as a loop ring for car fobs

Additional features that are built into the Tile functionality is the ability to track the last known location of your KeySmart Pro.  Plus, if you can’t find your keys, you can make your KeySmart Pro chirp loudly to help you find them.  There’s also a reverse find feature that helps you find your mobile phone if you have your KeySmart Pro but can’t find your phone.  Simply double-tap the tile button and it’ll make your phone ring loudly even if it’s in silent mode!

The internal battery is said to last up to 2-3 months without needing to be recharged, however extensive use of the flashlight will reduce the life of the battery.  The KeySmart Pro comes with a short microUSB for easy recharging and there’s a covered microUSB jack on the side of the KeySmart Pro.

You can further expand the functionality of your KeySmart Pro with accessories sold separately, including a screwdriver, a folding knife, a quick disconnect, a magconnect, a nano torch, and more.  There are few better, more versatile key organizers on the market today.

I only see two very minor downsides to the KeySmart Pro.  First is that it only comes in white, which while it won’t break or scratch, has scuffed pretty easily while in my pocket with my aluminum pill case.  Second, you will need to recharge your KeySmart Pro occasionally in order to maintain the Tile and flashlight functionality.  While it may be a minor annoyance, it could lead to your downfall if you were counting on Tile to find your keys but you forgot to charge it.

Screenshot of the Tile app

Overall, however, I think the KeySmart Pro is an excellent addition to your EDC (Every Day Carry).  It keeps your keys tidy, is very lightweight, and it has a ton of functionality.  There’s nothing I trust my keys to more than the KeySmart Pro.

Check out Tile’s other products here.

You can buy yours directly from KeySmart or on Amazon starting at $59.99.

Source: The KeySmart Pro was a manufacturer supplied review sample from Tile

What I Like: Perfect for key organization; Lightweight; Tons of features; Helps you find lost keys

What Needs Improvement: Would prefer a color other than white


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