Apple Introduces 128GB iPad 4, Pricing as You Would Expect

iPad 128GB

For the past couple of years everyone has wondered when Apple would come out with a 128GB iPhone or iPad, and last fall I think that many were genuinely surprised that the iPad 4 didn’t up the capacity. Well, now we have our answer … and it comes in the form of the 128GB iPad 4. The announcement came today, and the new version of the iPad 4 is going to be available starting Tuesday, February 5.

According to a press release from Apple, the main focus is a sort of ‘Pro’ version of the iPad for the Enterprise – where users of the iPad version of AutoCad, the 48-track recording studio Auria, and other high demand apps will immediately see the benefit of the doubled storage.

The other thing Apple annouced was the pricing – and it exactly follows the existing pattern. The base 128GB iPad WiFi model costs $799, and adding LTE brings it up to $929. As Frank Drebbin said in Police Squad, that’s a lot of Do-Re-Mi …

I have been vocal about my opinion that the current Apple pricing is all wrong for consumers, and this really highlights that situation. While memory prices haven’t changed much in the past couple of years on the lower end, at the higher end efficiencies have reduced pricing. Most other vendors are charging $50 for the memory-doubling upgrades, although no one else is making any money in tablets. When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, people were genuinely surprised at the low $499 price. At $929 nearly 3 years later for the top end, Apple has clearly lost the message. It seems that a more proper approach would have been a slight realignment of overall pricing.

The other thing missing is any mention of the iPad Mini. Perhaps the thought of a $759 128GB LTE iPad Mini looked too ridiculous on paper even for Apple … ?

What do you think? Any interest in the 128GB … even at the price?

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7 Comments on "Apple Introduces 128GB iPad 4, Pricing as You Would Expect"

  1. I’m thinking….why buy an iPad to do Autocad in the field when you can get a laptop that is more than capable of running it with more storage at the SAME price?

    Yeah I don’t expect them to sell a lot of these. I could be wrong though!

  2. I really don’t see the enterprise usage as a selling point just a excuse to exist. They needed to bump storage, and by doing it mid-cycle they can charge the price premium now, and then alter the storage structure at the next cycle entry.

    As for how many they will sell … I expect it will be enough to be sgnificantly higher than most other tablets, but it will definitely be a niche. Thing to remember is that everyone has a threshold on both ends – cheap enough for impulse, too expensive to buy. This is definitely out the top end for me … but then I am very happy with my 16GB iPad Mini now (moving from 64GB iPad 3)

  3. Actually the enterprise doesn’t WANT or NEED the storage. Not like enterprise users are using it to watch video….

  4. Actually the enterprise doesn’t WANT or NEED the storage. Not like enterprise users are using it to watch video….

  5. $300 to go from 16 to 128 GB. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling SanDisk 128 GB UHS-1 SDXC cards for under $140.

    This is just absurd.

  6. I don’t entirely agree. I still maintain that, generally, Apple has maintained premium products at a premium price and that model has worked for them. You already said that no one else is really making money in the tablet space. Almost nothing is made on a Nexus 7, for example. Why should Apple lower prices and not make any money either? I think their business model makes sense for them and continues to work for them so why should this be an issue? Maybe our expectations about what prices should be are a little out of whack too? We have gotten used to subsidized equipment that we either pay for through carrier subsidies or via advertising. I’m not sure that’s a reasonable model or reasonable expectations either.

    Do I think Apple’s prices are high? Yup. Do I think they are unreasonable? No – not as long as people continue to be willing to pay for it. If that changes, however, and it might, then I think Apple might need to rethink the strategy – not before.

  7. That works for the iPad, but they a using the same memory modules as everyone else … But whereas amazon makes 75% profit on their 16->32 upgrade, Apple makes 225% profit on theirs! There is a difference between premium pricing and gouging.

    As for the ‘willing to pay for it’ part … look how that worked for Sony. The perception of invincibility and pure arrogance has slowly dismantled the giant. And if Apple thinks that they can effectively charge a 200% ‘Apple Tax’ on memory ‘just cuz’ … they are bound for a slow decline.

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