Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 Review

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5

Pouch-style cases are a terrific way to protect your iPhone, and the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 lets you do that while still allowing you to access the iPhone’s unlock slider. The Creativo was one of my favorite iPhone 4S cases; the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 maintains the same terrific design, but is larger to accommodate the new, longer screen of the iPhone 5.

Protection on the Go:

The iPhone slides into the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 with relative ease. It isn’t a tight fit but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is loose either. Over time the leather may stretch a bit but, thanks to the thick leather used in the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5, it will not loosen as much as thin leather pouches such as the UltraSlim Access for iPod touch will. The top flap of the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 folds over the top of the iPhone for added protection and, thanks to a magnet in it, stays closed until you want to open it.

Access on the Go:

What makes the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 stand out is the window on the lower front portion of the case. This allows you to unlock the phone and answer a call without having to first remove the iPhone. This is a terrific, functional feature that will reduce the number of times the phone needs to be pulled out. That, in turn, means there are fewer opportunities to drop and damage the device.

I really like the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5. It looks and feels great, and it has a simple but effective means of protecting the top of the iPhone. The Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 stands out from other pouch-style cases because it allows you to access the unlock slider on the screen when a call comes in. It is an interesting design feature that is also practical. Unfortunately the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 isn’t without its issues.

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5


First, the tight fit of the pouch means you won’t be able to have any protective film on the back or sides of the iPhone. That wouldn’t be a problem in most cases but, thanks to what I have come to consider a deign flaw, the black iPhone 5’s finish is delicate and easily scratches off. I’m hard pressed to see anyone who cares about keeping their device pristine NOT using a case or protective films on the device. I fault Apple, but this case pays the price.

My second issue with the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 isn’t as much an issue as it is a missed opportunity. Like the Sena Creativo for iPhone 4S, thick leather is used in this case. The result is a rather rigid case that truly protects the phone once it is inside, but it also means you cannot activate the home button, and through it Siri, while the phone is inside. Personally I would love it if there was either a bit of additional cutout space that left the Home button accessible or, at a minimum, a thinner area of leather over the Home button that allowed you to press through and activate the button.

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5

Sena Creativo for iPhone 5

I like the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 a great deal. Sure, I wish I could activate the Home button through the case, but it is not a huge deal that I cannot. The inability to have a protective film on the back and sides of the iPhone 5 is a bigger issue, but it is Apple’s fault — not Sena’s — that you need one in the first place. If you want to wrap your iPhone in a protective film, then the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 may be a bit too tight. If, on the other hand, you like to go native with your iPhone 5, then the Sena Creativo for iPhone 5 is worth a look.

You can learn more, see the color options, and order yours on the Sena website.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Gorgeous, thick leather; Protects the top of the phone with a magnetically closed flap; front window lets you slide and unlock when a call comes in; Sena quality leather and construction

What Needs Improvement: A bit too tight if you use a protective film on the back and sides of the phone; No way to access the Home button while the phone is in the case

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  1. Dan, I use my iPhone a lot for the camera and to listen to podcasts (so need access to music controls). How good is this case for these activities? I have a Sena Ultraslim pouch which is lovely but rarely use it as having to remove the phone from the case all the time is a pain.

    Thanks, Nik

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