DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit to the Rescue

DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

“I just dropped my iPhone in the sink” Elana said. I jumped into action, went to the cabinet, pulled out the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit, pulled the SIM from the phone and sealed it inside. I then put Elana’s SIM into one of the review phones I had lying around and, within a few minutes, she was up and going on an HTC Windows Phone 8 handset. “Give the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit 48 hours to work its magic. Judie reviewed this back in 2011 and it worked perfectly for her.” (Read the review.)

It was a good thing I had a DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit lying around! Two days later I opened the bag, pulled out Elana’s iPhone, popped in the SIM and it was business as usual. Honestly, without the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit on hand I think the story would have had a different outcome. (Elana liked the Windows Phone but was quite happy to be back on the iPhone.)

Now the company has come out with a new version of the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit that works even faster. The DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency 6 Hour Hyperfast Drytime Kit promises to get you up and going 5 times faster than before. The kit includes a reusable case and clear instructions for how to use the “smartphone resuscitation” gear. (My term not theirs.)

DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

The company promises a 100% success rate when you use the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit properly. What does it mean to use it properly? First, the kits tells you not to press any buttons on the wet device. Second, it tells you to remove the battery if possible. (iPhone users are told to turn the device off asap.) Third, if the device was wet due to salt water, soda or beer you are instructed to rinse it in distilled water. (In other words you should have a DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit and distilled water on hand.) From there you are instructed to towel dry the device and place it in the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit container face up. If the phone was in water for 5 seconds or less (that was the case with Elana’s iPhone) it should be allowed to dry out for 6 hours. If it was in the water for less than 30 seconds the phone should be given 24 hours to dry. More than that and the company suggests a full 48 hours.

Finally, when the time has passed you are instructed to open the reusable case included in the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit and check the phone. If it is still damp simply repeat the process.

Judie was impressed by the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit when she first looked at it almost two years ago. That’s why we had one on hand when potential iPhone-disaster struck. Now we have experience with it too and I’m a true believer. Elana’s iPhone is up and running just fine and that is all thanks to the DRY-ALL Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit.

It is rare that I go so far as to say you SHOULD buy something but if you are using a pricey smartphone (and who isn’t these days) you SHOULD have at least one of these on hand. You can purchase a 6 hours kit for under $50. You can order a standard 48 hour kits here for less than $12.

MSRP: 6-Hour dry fast system $49.99; Standard 48-hour kit $12

What I Like: Worked as promised; Reusable

What Needs Improvement: Not a thing.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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