SpotLite 2.0 Helps You Keep Your Eye on Spot

Spotlite 2.0

My dog Porter is generally a good dog, but he has his moments of being a bit bratty. Mostly we joke he thinks he’s a person, and every once in a blue moon he catches his reflection, remembers he’s actually a dog, and misbehaves accordingly. We don’t have him microchipped, in part because he’s a rescue who was shot with BB’s as a puppy, and the idea of inserting more metal into him, even a microchip, breaks our hearts a little bit. But we do watch him like hawks when he’s not leashed outside, especially in the backyard, since you never know when he might decide to take a walkabout and visit the neighbors. Securus just announced a product that might fit our needs well, the SpotLite 2.0, a small tracker that goes on a dog’s collar and alerts you to their whereabouts.

SpotLite 2.0 lets you use your smartphone to track your dog, and you can even use the GPS to figure out where they’ve wandered. There’s also American Kennel Club Companion Recovery support, so if your pet does wander off it’s not just you and your smartphone combing the neighborhood. Most important (at least, if you have a dog like mine) is that the SpotLite is waterproof. We’re fairly certain if Porter ever did wander off, it would probably be to the nearest swimming spot, so any tracker he has must be waterproof. And mudproof.

Do you track your pets through a device like the SpotLite 2.0? Have you used one before to rescue a runaway pet? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for a review on the SpotLite 2.0 soon!

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