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May 10, 2012 • News

Case-Mate Helps You Protect Your iPhone AND the Planet

For the last 2 years my synagogue has been part of an environmental awareness and commitment certification program. It’s a joint initiative between an organization called GreenFaith and our umbrella synagogue movement. I’m proud to say that we are the 1st congregation in the process to have successfully completed certification and, at our Annual Meeting next week, we will be awarded a certificate and banner attesting to the fact.

One of the impacts of this program for me has been a growing consciousness of how much waste is involved with consumer products both in the creation of the product themselves and in the packaging. I get a lot of boxes because of the steady flow of review items arriving at the house and I am constantly amazed by the degree of waste involved with the packaging as well as the actual products. That is the reason I was so interested to see the press release from Case-Mate yesterday which revealed their new line of environmentally aware cases for the iPhone 4S. As the press release notes,

Tech lovers can now protect their phones while also helping the environment. Case-Mate®, the international design company known for creating innovative mobile accessories that protect, adorn, and enhance mobile technology, today announced a special rPET (recyclable PET) case collection for the iPhone 4/4S made out of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles.


The cases are $30 each and come in the following six colors:

Lipstick Pink, Tangerine Tango, Lime, Turquoise, Black and White

The cases will be highlighted with a new campaign that is part of the DASANI® Designed to Make a Difference® experiential tour.

In order to convey that one doesn’t have to sacrifice style and functionality to be environmentally responsible, Case-Mate will highlight this new collection as part of the DASANI® Designed to Make a Difference® experiential tour, which kicked off on April 17th at Saint Catherine University in Minnesota. The tour consists of approximately 50 event days spanning college campuses, amusement parks, and music festivals from April through October. The DASANI “Designed to Make a Difference” tour provides a refreshing look at recycling through two interactive activations: the Designed to Make a Difference Gallery and Xtreme Recycling game.

The Designed to Make a Difference Gallery will display products made using recycled plastic bottles, such as the Case-Mate rPET case collection. In addition, more than five thousand rPET cases will be given away as prizes in the Xtreme Recycling game, during which people will use air guns to launch empty DASANI bottles at a recycling-themed facade. More information about the “Designed to Make a Difference” tour can be found at

We have some on the way for review and to give away so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check the cases out and order your own here on the Case-Mate website.

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