Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini

Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad mini

I ordered a ZaggZagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini LEATHERskin for iPad mini last week. (It looked interesting and Zagg was offering a good deal on some headphones with any order I made that day. And… yes… we will be giving the headphones I got away in the near future!) If I look at the way Judie, Mike and I each protect our iPad minis I see three very different approaches. Judie doesn’t mind adding some weight and bulk to her iPad mini so long at the case she uses screams quality. That’s why she is happily using the Orbino miniPadova she purchased a few weeks ago. (Read her review.) Mike, on the other hand, makes no bones about the fact that he wants his iPad mini as thin and light as possible. That’s why he pretty much carries his iPad mini in its naked state. I fall somewhere in the middle. I want my iPad mini protected but want to keep weight and bulk to a minim. Thats why I’ve been using the Sena Vettra for iPad mini. (Read my review.) The Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini falls somewhere between Mike’s and my approach. Let me explain what I mean.

Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad mini

When the Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini is on the diminutive iOS tablet you can easily protect the screen with one of Apple’s (overpriced) SmartCovers. Mike uses one of these and I bought one after he told me how much he liked it. The great thing about the SmartCover is that, when you need to go as thin and light as possible, you simply pull it off. Thanks to the magnets used to secure it in place there no residue and you can attach and remove the SmartCover to your heart’s delight. Best of all, from the front you can’t tell a Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini is on this iPad can you?

Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad mini

The leather Zagg uses for the LEATHERskin is gorgeous. It is nicely textured, rich in color and the Zagg name is embossed in the most subtle of manners. As I have noted many times I appreciate company’s not using their products as major advertising billboards!

Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad mini

The Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini goes on the iPad with ease. Although it is made from leather the LEATHERskin is effectively a decal. Remove the plastic backing on the LEATHERskin, position it over the iPad and, when things are lined up properly, simply place on the back of the tablet and press down. I had a few air bubbles beneath this LEATHERskin and they were removed by simply pushing them to one edge or the other.

Zagg LEATHERskin for iPad mini

The cutouts on the Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini are precise. The camera cutout, for example, is just large enough to keep the lens unobstructed. That’s a good thing since the iPad mini actually has a decent camera. (I’ll be using it to shoot pictures at the Samsung GALAXY S4 reveal this Thursday night.) The LEATHERskin looks like it is part of the iPad.

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I really love the look and feel of the Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini. It gives terrific back protection, adds grip and adds class. In my opinion it does, however, have a fatal flaw. It leaves the top, bottom and sides of the iPad mini completely exposed. If your goal in using any kind of protection is to keep the device in as pristine condition as possible (that’s what I do since it helps me get the most money when I put my devices up on eBay) this is not the protection for you. I do really like the Zagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini but it doesn’t meet my needs. If you aren’t worried about the resale value of your iPad mini you’ll ant to take a look at the LEATHERskin. It really does look and feel awesome.

You can learn more and order yours (along with tons of other great products) here on Zagg’sZagg LEATHERskin for the Apple iPad Mini website.

MSRP: Prices start at $9.99 for the plain LeatherSkin for iPad mini only.

What I Like: Gorgeous leather; Easy to apply; Small Zagg logo; Feels nice and adds grip

What Needs Improvement: Does not protect the sides, top or bottom of the iPad mini.

Source: Personal purchase

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