Discovery Trekking’s Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

“Gear” comes in all different shapes and sizes and we do our best to cover as wide a range as possible here on Gear Diary. That’s why, in this review, we will be looking at… towels. Yes, this is a review of towels but, as you might expect, these aren’t just any towels. No, these are special Ultra-Fast Drying Towels from Discovery Trekking Outfitters. These Ultra-Fast Drying Towels come in different sizes and colors and their ability to all but vacuum water from wet skin  surprised me- in a good way. (The claim in the previous sentence- mine not the company’s- was an exaggeration but only a small one.) Let’s talk about how these towels came to be and then look more closely at both of the Ultra-Fast Drying towels  Discovery Trekking Outfitters sent for review.

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

As noted, the Ultra-Fast Drying Towels come from Discovery Trekking, a company physically located in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Discovery Trekking has a store specializing in custom outdoor clothing. They make, among other things, jackets, pants, and vests from their own patterns using high-tech fabrics like Polartec, PowerShield et cetera. They use those materials to make sure their clothing is wind and water-repellent while also being breathable and having enough stretch to be comfortable during outdoor activities. The company also makes a number of different styles of shirt for both men and women using special fabric (not microfiber) that wicks moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate more quickly. At some point they noticed the way in which the shirt material seemed to not only pull water away from the skin but also dried quickly and it occurred to them that this same material “might make a great towel”. Not long after this happened they were in the towel business.

The “lightweight moisture-management fabric” used for the towels not only pulls water from your skin but, once the moisture has reached the outside of the fabric, it literally spreads out across the fabric. This significantly increases the surface area and enables the water to quickly evaporate. The result is dry skin and, in a short while, a dry towel. There is more to these high-tech towels. You see, the towels not only dry quickly but they also stay extremely fresh thanks to the company using “Polygiene technology”. (Say that ten times quickly!)  Polygiene technology is a Silver Salt antimicrobial treatment that’s safe and effective in keeping bacteria and mold away.  As the company explains, the silver is permanently bonded to the fiber and, once there, kills odor causing bacteria. That means the towels won’t smell musty the way most towels do after a few uses. And while the towels do need to be washed regularly, between washing this treatment helps keep them smelling fresh.

The company was kind enough to send samples of their Ultra-Fast Drying Towels. In this case I was sent both their extreme Ultra-Light Backpacking Towel and their Ultra-Fast Dry Towel.

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

The Ultra Fast-Dry Towel ranges in price from $9.95 to $39.95 depending on size and design. All of the sizes wick moisture from your skin, dry quickly, and are treated with the antimicrobial treatment. In addition, they block up to 93% of UV rays. That makes them a great addition to your beach bag. And did I mention how thin and light they are? The largest towel weighs only 9 ounces. You can check them out here.

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

The second of the Ultra-Fast Drying Towels I was sent for review is the company’s Extreme Ultra Light towel. This towel is described as a “must-have” for serious backpackers. The large 34” x 28” towel weighs… get this, under 3 ounces. It packs up into an exceptionally small package that is easy to take any and everywhere. The 19” x 19” mini towel is $19.95 while the large 34” x 58” towel is $29.95.

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

So what do I think of these special “high tech” towels? I’m pretty impressed. My normal towel is a 40 X 70 bath sheet from Restoration Hardware. It is big and bulky and it weighs a ton. I love how soft it is but don’t like the fact that it takes up so much space in the linen closet. (Elana doesn’t like the bath sheet because it is actually too heavy for her.) For this review I went from using my bath sheet to using these Ultra-Fast Drying Towels and I was amazed by the way the Ultra Fast-Dry Towel in particular worked. Honestly I think it actually did a better job of drying me off than the huge bath sheet. I immediately felt less damp than I normally do when coming out of the shower. My point is this- these towels are great for backpacking, a day at the beach or other outdoor activities. They are ideal for travel as well and I will be bringing them with me when I head to Jamaica in a few weeks. At the same time these Ultra-Fast Drying towels aren’t out of place for home use either.

Ultra-Fast Drying Towels

They are light, take up minimal space and they really do their job of drying you off with aplomb. That’s why I’ll be taking the review samples with me when I travel in the future- they beat hotel towels by a mile- and why I’ll probably be ordering some of the company’s t-shirts made from the same material. You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $9.95- $39.95 depending on size

What I Like: Thin and light; Pack up easily for taking on the go; Treated to fend off bacteria and mold; Dry you quickly and dry out just as fast

What Needs Improvement: Because of the thin nature of the material used I have to wonder if, over time, the cloth will get pulls

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. M Roselius | March 14, 2013 at 8:49 am |

    Dan – I’ve taken these kind of towels (different brand but same idea) and cut them up into 6×6 squares – they make great screen cleaners for your iphone / ipad etc. You don’t need to put any liquid on the screen – something about their miracle fabric seems to grab the smutz on your screen and clean it right up.

  2. Very cool… I will be giving that a try shortly.

  3. Thank you Dan, from the team at Discovery Trekking. Great review. Regarding your concern about picking (fabic being delicate feeling)… Surprisingly you should not have a problem with this. After selling tens of thousands of these towels, even the lightest Extreme ultralite style, we have never had a complaint. We use them ourselves daily. The only time I ever snagged one (it was the Ultra fast dry, not the smoother extreme ultralight) was when I was packing one and my diamond ring had a tine sticking up…and it grabbed the fabric and did a pull. So, no worries. Also, about the suggestion below. No other company makes towels even close to ours. The others are all microfiber, a completely opposite technology. I do use mine to clean my Ipad, but I don’t cut up a towel into pieces to do it. Also, people may wish to know that our fabric is made in the USA. We believe in keeping all our production in North America! Thanks again for an objective review!

  4. My pleasure and thanks for the clarifications. As I mentioned in the review and privately in an email I’ll be ordering more towels and some t-shirts shortly. I’m really impressed. And now with the toouch screen tip… I even see a use for the smallest size you make.

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