Merrell’s Four Fundamentals of Fitness with Tim Ferriss

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Earlier this year I reviewed Merrell’s M-Connect line of shoes and was blown away by the comfortable but minimal fit. Merrell has really committed to making great minimalist footwear, and that commitment doesn’t end when you slap on the shoes. They want to know that you’re really getting good use out of your shoes, and enjoying yourself fully. That’s why they’ve teamed with Tim Ferriss, the self-proclaimed “human guinea pig” and author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef to offer up the four fundamentals of fitness.

Yes, Tim Ferriss apparently likes when things come in fours, but his fitness advice here looks simple to implement and hard to master. He walks you through four exercises (and variations on them), all while wearing what looks like Merrell Bare Access 2s. The idea is that these four exercises cover all your muscles and get your body moving!

The other piece of this campaign is that Merrell and Tim Ferriss want you to get outside and do these exercises. The idea is that you shouldn’t be doing these in your basement watching the YouTube instructions on your iPad. You should go outside, play in a field, hike up a hill, just spend some time outside while doing these exercises. In many ways that’s the beauty of there only being four simple exercises. You don’t need a complex app reminding you what step 2 is…just strap on your sneakers and head outside.

If you don’t want to give these a shot alone, Merrell and Lifetime Fitness will be offering classes this spring focused on these four fundamentals, so be sure to check with your local branch to see if they’re involved. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to figure out how to do a Blurpee!

Have questions for Merrell and Tim Ferriss? Head to the Merrell Facebook page Thursday, March 14th at 9pm for a live chat with Tim!

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