Popcornflix Digital Movie Application Releases on Xbox 360

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Popcornflix Digital Movie Application Releases on Xbox 360

Popcornflix, an online digital movie platform, has released their Xbox 360® application which allows users to navigate with their voice or a hand wave.  That’s right. The Kinect controller, the “hands-free” motion sensing input device offers yet another fun, interactive interface experience. Access is free for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. Xbox 360 users can use this app to view and pick new arrivals, the most popular selection or browse all movies. Users can also use the app to search movies by genre, title, actor or director.

Popcornflix offers several eclectic movies from a wide range of genres that include action/thriller, “Bollywood”, comedy, documentary/short, drama, family/kids, horror, romance and urban. All these genres include unique choices to discover plus web and film school originals. These original movies offer a unique perspective on the process of filmmaking for viewers to enjoy and even learn from before they become the future filmmakers of tomorrow. Users can enjoy big-time directors forging their way into an established career and Hollywood’s biggest stars performing in their earlier films. Movies in Spanish are also available.

This online digital movie platform offers access to their central base of almost 600 movies with an additional 30 to 40 movies releasing each month, so limited genres like Bollywood have plenty of room to grow. There is something for everyone and the service usually has an age gate for rated R movies. For updates check out their Facebook, Twitter and blog.

The service is ad-supported, and it  is also available in several media platforms and devices including web-enabled TVs, media players, mobile devices and set-top boxes with more on the way. International availability will also continue their growth. Popcornflix’s parent company is Screen Media Digital, a division of Screen Media Ventures, LLC, which includes one of the largest independently owned motion picture libraries supported by U.S. and international theatrical, home video, television, cable and new media distribution.

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