Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch


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Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch

My youngest son had his fourth birthday on July 2nd. We had a small party with some family and a few friends, and we always let the boys choose their party theme. Riley decided long ago his would be a Transformers party complete with cups, plates, napkins and a cool cake with Bumblebee. Most of his gifts were Transformers, so we had the complete experience. We are waiting until we leave for a mini-vacation to see the movie, so I just downloaded the game, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which was on sale for $.99. Let’s take a look.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch

Play as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee through five locations based on the new hit movie. There are 13 levels set in Chernobyl, The Moon, Atlantic City, Washington D.C. and Chicago. As the game progresses, upgrades and new weapons will be available to assist in the fight. Each of the locations end with a tough battle with a boss. A tutorial level will get things started and is a must for any new players. All controls and specials will be explained and put into action leaving players with all of the tools needed to defeat the decepticons.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch

Controls for the game are pretty standard for similar action games. The directional button is located on the left and is responsive and accurate when moving the character. All of the attacks are located on the right side of the screen. The button directly opposite of the directional button is the shooting button. To fire a weapon, hold and direct this control in the desired direction. To punch and grab enemies, tap the button. Three taps activates a combo move. The button that looks like it has a star on it is for special attacks. One tap for a regular special attack and swipe the button up when it has full power to target multiple enemies. Targeting is available when the meter on the bottom is full. Change weapons by tapping the button on the top left. Watch them close as they get hot during battle and must be swapped. Another button on the right looks like a steering wheel that will transform the character and one with a robot that allows the robot to power roll. The health meter is located on the top left along with Sam’s when needing protection.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch

The game takes a bit of practice to successfully attack all of the enemies while moving around the huge environments. I have been more effective in hand to hand combat and using specials than running and shooting. The graphics are awesome with great detail for an iPhone game. I did have several experiences where the game had serious lag issues during large battles. It seemed the more items attacking, the slower the game moved. A minor problem, but it was a pain in the rear none the less. There were a few levels I was unable to complete because the enemy fire was so fast I could not even move. When the is happens, transform to a vehicle and make a run for it. Some of the enemies do not target the car and when you are avoiding fire, the health meter increases.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon for iPhone/Touch

Transformers: Dark of The Moon is a fun game. The controls are easy to learn and intuitive and the graphics and sounds give the feeling of being in the movie. With a little practice, the hoards of decepticons can be defeated by Optimus and Bumblebee. The game is available here for the introductory price of $.99 for a limited time, so act fast if you want to purchase. Roll out!

What I like: Playing as transformers is always cool; great graphics and intuitive attack controls.

What could be improved: Lag during full screens is a huge annoyance.

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