Cybex Priam Boasts Accessories That Are Built for All Seasons and Situations

“I don’t want to walk, Mommy. It’s too much work” said my three-year-old on our short walk from the parking lot to her classroom. Not wanting to schlep my double stroller, I heaved my daughter onto my hip and awkwardly pushed her newborn brother in our Priam. There had to be a better way, and luckily, Cybex had a solution.

The Cybex kidboard is an attachment that you can clip onto the stroller to add a really fun skateboard-like board to transport an older child while one is sitting in the stroller. When it’s not in use, a bungee cord maintains the board’s upright position so it stays tucked nicely out of the way. The board is extremely well-made, sturdy, and reliable. It is covered in a sandpaper-like material to help keep the rider from slipping off. The only downside to such a durable board is that it is heavy and does add a decent amount of weight to the stroller.

My daughter was hooked after the first ride. She loves not having to walk and I love not having to carry her. The stroller maintained its smooth ride and ease of pushing, but walking with the board was a little awkward. I had to straddle it a bit when walking, but again, the payoff of not having a whiny 3 year-old begging me to hold her was worth the awkward shuffle.

Since we began using the kidboard, we’ve had countless compliments on how “cool” the board is and how other parents wish they had one for their kids. One complaint is that I have trouble attaching the Cybex Cloud Q infant bucket seat to the stroller without the board getting in the way. I need to hold the board down with my foot while snapping the car seat into the stroller, which is very awkward and difficult.

The Cybex kidboard is well worth the $99 to turn a single stroller into a convenient double ride for older kids who weight less than 45lbs.

Another head-turning attachment for the Cybex stroller is the Cybex Priam skis. This $79.95 accessory transforms the stroller into a “stylish snowmobile”. The set up is fairly simple; you remove the front wheels and snap in the skis. Using the ski attachment is really a lot of fun, but not a necessary purchase, in my opinion. Perhaps it’s due to my geographical location in New Jersey, but I have never found the need to push a stroller through snow.

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Source: The Cybex Priam Accessories were manufacturer supplied review samples.

What I Like:  Very easy installation and use; Stylish; Kids love using the kidboard

What Needs Improvement:  The necessity of pushing down the kidboard before installing the Cloud Q bucket seat

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