Bedol Water-Powered Clock Review

Bedol Water-Powered Clock Review

Alarm clocks are a pretty straightforward gadget. They tell the time, they wake you up when you’d rather be sleeping, and they’re slowly being replaced with cell phones. But while regular alarm clocks have become a bit boring, there’s a whole subset of funky/interesting variations (remember potato clocks when you were a kid?)

Bedol has a really neat, eco-friendly twist on the regular alarm clock with their Water-Powered Clock. Is it a cool new twist on the basic wake-up call, or a gimmick of form over function? Read on to find out!

Bedol Water-Powered Clock Review

The main gimmick of the Bedol Water Clock is that it runs on water, not batteries or a wall plug. According to Bedol, it converts “ions in the water into clean energy”. I’m not a scientist, and that sounds more logical than “magic electric making water”, so we’ll go with Bedol’s definition. They say tap water works fine, and in my test that was true. I filled the body with water, and the clock immediately popped to life. There’s not much other documentation on how it works, but I did find an article on How Stuff Works explaining general water clocks. However, unlike the one in their example, the Bedol doesn’t require lemon juice to make the water more conductive. Literally, it was just fill it, screw it into the base, and set the time.

Style-wise, the Bedol Water Clock is cute. It’s shaped like a drop of water (or one of those flames that chases you in the various Mario Brothers games). The plastic is transparent so you can check the water level, and inside you can see the metal plates that conduct the electricity and power the clock. The face has a few buttons for setting the time and alarm, with most of the front taken up by the LCD. The base on the bottom is rubbery and wide, the body screws in nice and securely, and it feels stable. My one quibble with the clock is that the LCD is grayscale, so you won’t be able to see it in the dark.

Setting the alarm is easy, and the sound is basic “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” but certainly loud enough to get you up and moving. I couldn’t find a snooze feature though, so if you’re the type to smack your clock all around the room this isn’t a good fit for you. You can also set the date and can access the alarm time and the date by hitting the upper and lower mode buttons.

The Bedol Water-Powered Clock is a pretty neat device. It has a fun eco-twist, a cute design, and a compact but sturdy footprint. At under $30, it’s a great stocking stuffer for the tree hugger in your life!

MSRP: $29.00 from Bedol, Charcoal as reviewed, also available in blue, green, pink and purple.

What I like: Funky design; Functional alarm clock; Water power is a fun twist

What Needs Improvement: Alarm doesn’t have a snooze; LCD is grayscale and difficult to read in low light

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