Slickwraps Add Colorful Skins to Your New Pebble Watch

Add Colorful Skins to Your New Pebble Watch with Slickwraps

Slickwraps Wrap for Pebble Watch in Mahogany Wood flavor

The other day I received my Kickstarter Pebble Watch in the mail, and I was excited as you might imagine. However, as I began to use it, I quickly noticed how well the device face ergonomics might lend itself to skinning and screen protection. As it turns out, has released attractive skins to do just that with their Wraps for the Pebble Watch. Now Pebble Watch owners can choose one of 38 skins to customize their Pebbles the way they want.

The skins boast an accurate Pebble face template, and cover not only the periphery around the watch face but the buttons as well, and users can choose from the following skin type categories: Carbon, Color, Glow (glows in the dark), Leather, Metal and Wood. Also available is the Dual Pack XD (Screen Only) as a screen-only clear protection and the Dual Pack XD (Full Screen) for full watch face  protection. The latter two options allow Pebble owners to keep their original color choice from Pebble but add additional scratch protection, too.

Add Colorful Skins to Your New Pebble Watch with Slickwraps

Sundry choices for your Pebble Watch, and many choices within each category!

The Series Skins start at $6.95, the XD Screen Protection is only $2.95 and Full Screen Protection $3.95. If you order a skin from one of the series, you can also get the Dual Pack XD (Screen Only) protector bundled for only $1.99 more.

If you’re rockin’ a Pebble Watch and are itching to add a bit more flash to it, head on over to Slickwraps to pick up yours!

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