Gtech AirRAM Vacuum Cleaner Is Light, Clean, Cordless, and Longer Lasting

GTech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner Is Light, Clean, Cordless, and Longer Lasting

Yesterday I wandered the aisles at the San Angelo Sam’s Club, and I couldn’t help but stop in front of the Dyson vacuum cleaner display. I really hate our current vacuum cleaner — a traditional heavy upright with hose that must weigh at least 25 pounds. The least expensive Dyson was around $359, but it was a low to the ground canister model. I prefer uprights, and the one I was particularly interested in was the Dyson Animal Upright. It’s a 7 pounds cordless model that is supposed to have excellent sucking power for cleaning both carpets and floors. I couldn’t help but imagine how nice it would be to vacuum without worrying about dragging the cord around, running over the cord, or where I needed to plug the cord in so that I wouldn’t get hung up on the furniture or caught short.

What stopped me from seriously considering the Dyson’s  purchase it was that it only has a run time of 20 minutes. That just seems … I don’t know … stingy, considering that when I am cleaning it can take me much longer than that to give the house a good vacuuming.  That’s why the new Gtech AirRAM Vacuum caught my eye when it entered my inbox this evening.

Weighing 7.7 pounds, the AirRAM takes approximately four hours to charge in order to run for 40 minutes; you can also do a one hour “short charge” to gain an additional
10 minutes cleaning time. Rather than use a bag, the AirRAM collects the dirt and detritus, compressing it into easily disposable “tidy bales”. They are almost cute, aren’t they?

GTech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner Is Light, Clean, Cordless, and Longer Lasting

The AirRAM is supposed to be super easy to maneuver into low or tight spaces, and it is made to work just as well on carpet or hard floors with no settings change. The AirRAM is also supposed to be excellent at removing pet hair — both on the surface of your floor or carpet, as well as the hairs that are deeply imbedded in your carpet fibers.

There’s even an option to download DataBridge software to your PC that will enable you to “calculate the amount of electricity you save, check the condition of the fuel system and even see how many calories you have burned while cleaning.”  Here’s a quick promo video, complete with the British inventor, Nick Grey.

I’ll admit that I am intrigued; twice the run time as the Dyson cordless sounds pretty attractive. Do any of you have any experiences with the new generation of cordless upright vacuum cleaners? Please let me know what you think about them!


You can learn more about the AirRAM by visiting the Gtech site.

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7 Comments on "Gtech AirRAM Vacuum Cleaner Is Light, Clean, Cordless, and Longer Lasting"

  1. I don’t know much about cordless vacuums, but I learned while shopping for one that they can be very complex! Who.knew there was so much to such a simple household item?

  2. I guess it’s like everything else — catching up with the times! 😉 Sarah and I decided last night that we both want to try this one.

  3. That is my thought … we have a wonderful Kirby system (upright with attachments and shampoo) that we bought ages ago and works very well … but it is ancient!

  4. Codi Schwiening | April 11, 2013 at 10:19 am |

    Sounds like a dream to me!! Let me know if you check it out-I am about to buy a new vac!

  5. I have a corded Dyson DC24, one of the small sized models, and it has been the best vacuum I have ever owned. I have no hesitation recommending a Dyson.

    As for cordless, I have only used cordless sweepers, and they all have broken down within a few months. Maybe I just needed a Dyson or an AirRam, but I would not recommend any cordless sweeper.

    My best advice is to get a maid service on a twice a month schedule. It’s the cheapest marriage advice that I can give; it’s simply amazing how fewer the spousal arguments have been after getting a maid.

    You still end up cleaning and vacuuming, but instead of doing the whole house, most weeks you only clean 1-2 rooms, as the maid service keeps the house “clean enough” the rest of the time.

    I cannot praise maid services enough. I think a solid 50% of my married friends have twice a month maids.

  6. thsu, I am with you on the maid advice! We have one who comes weekly, and I don’t know what we would do without her. Even so, because we live on a ranch that is going through yet another extremely dry year and because we have indoor pets, I still find myself sweeping an vacuuming throughout the week. First world problems, right? =)

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