Startech Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

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Startech Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

As we move to a virtually paperless society, sharing digital files becomes an issue. While there are many avenues to exchange files in a large setting, many businesses do not prefer to email or share the files over servers for fear of being stolen or damaged. Giving the files on a flash drive insures control until it reaches the end-user. has introduced a device to make duplicating flash drives or erasing them a snap, which means no more watching files copy from a computer over and over.

Startech Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

I once wondered how companies that pass out large numbers of flash drives at trade shows transfer all that data. Surely they do not sit and drag the folders one by one to each of those drives. We have moved our football playbooks to digital files and keep them on flash drives for the coaches and players to look at, and it is a pain to copy each of those drives one at a time. The flash drive duplicator and eraser makes creating these drives faster, easier, more convenient, and all is done with no need for a computer.

The standalone Flash Drive Duplicator allows users to clone a target flash drive to up to two other drives simultaneously. The duplicator is light weight, includes an LCD display and transfers at up to 1.5GB per minute. The standalone USB duplicator supports copying and cloning to SD/ SDHC/ Micro SD/ MMC/ Mini SD/ CF media through a USB multimedia card reader which is sold separately, and to Hard Drives or Solid State Drives through a Hard Drive docking station or USB enclosure. The product can also quickly erase drives. I can see this device saving a lot of time and expanding productivity in almost any business. The duplicator retails for $211.99 and can be found  here, on the Startech website.

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