Hublot and Monster Announce Inspiration Hublot, a Luxury Headphones Collaboration

Hublot and Monster Announce Inspiration Hublot, a Luxury Headphones Collaboration-004

As if the Monster Inspiration headphones I reviewed last fall (and still use regularly) weren’t already something special, the new collaboration between Hublot and Monster promises to blow them out of the water. Hublot, the luxury watchmaker, has teamed with Monster to “combine the very best in high fidelity audio with the finest watchmaking craftsmanship and materials” to create Inspiration Hublot — a luxury noise cancelling headphone that offers an “unprecedented music listening and lifestyle experience.”

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The new Inspiration Hublot over-ear headphones will have a brushed aluminum finish, a premium rubber headband, a leather headband, and carbon fiber earcups with leather earpads. This isn’t the case of slapping a new exterior on the same interior, however. With the debut of Hublot Inspiration comes the debut of Enigma Audio Engine, Monster’s newest audio innovation that “delivers crystal clear music and a richly detailed and realistic soundscape.” One of the features of the new Enigma chip is what Monster is calling “the world’s most advanced digital noise cancellation as well as wireless Bluetooth with advanced AAC and APT-X codecs, direct USB audio and user-customizable sound shaping technology for a tailored listening experience.”

The advanced noise cancellation technology in the Inspiration Hublot headphones is built around two microphones, one that “handles constant sounds (like the droning inside a plane)” and another which “cuts out intermittent noises (like clapping or beeping)”.

Hublot symbolizes much more than watches. It says much about how we value time and the things we do with it. The partnership between Hublot and Monster came naturally, not only because bests attract. Just as the Hublot ski, luge and racing bike editions, the Limited Edition Inspiration Hublot Monster headphones redefine the art of fusion between the senses and sensations. – Hublot CEO, Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe

Like all Monster headphones, Inspiration Hublot uses Pure Monster Sound, which has been specially tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee, the audio engineer behind the sound of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. If you decide to drop the (serious) coin to purchase a pair of Hublot Inspiration headphones, you’ll be able to use them with just about any mobile device, as they will come with ControlTalk Universal and a Monster Pro Link cable.


The Inspiration Hublot headphones will be available this summer at Hublot retailers worldwide for €1750. Will you be picking up a pair? I won’t judge you if you do! We all have to have our indulgences. I think that I will have to be satisfied with my old-school Monster Inspiration headphones, though. 😉

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