TiVo’s Exclusively Terrible Offer

TiVo's Exclusively Terrible Offer

In 2006, I bought a TiVo Series 2. It was a great device, and it lasted me until mid-2011, when it finally stopped changing channels and went on strike. It retired to that great recycling center in the sky/the next town over, and we moved on to bigger and better electronics. TiVo however, sends me emails regularly offering us all sorts of deals to return. Today’s, though, is definitely the weirdest.

Apparently TiVo blasted this offer to every former subscriber. They probably should have filtered it though, since as enticing as $6.99 a month TiVo service is, I am pretty sure a non-HD, mostly dead Series 2 would not give me the full depth of the modern TiVo experience.

Frankly, even if I had a better TiVo, I cancelled my service two years ago. Does TiVo think I keep old devices around just in case they decide to throw out desperate deal offers? Have you ever received a really terrible “come back to us” offer? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Netflix was great with the ‘come back to us’ … stuff that offered no deal, no incentive, just a rejoin and get instantly charged! Yay! When they did a free month, we DID try it again … and that was ~6 months ago.

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