The Pond Ripple Wireless Charger: So Gorgeous and Handy, You’ll Wish All Phones Had Wireless Charging

If your phone has inductive charging, then you already know how cool it is to be able to lay your phone down and top it off without having to connect any wires. The Pond Ripple Wireless Charger takes that cool factor and multiplies it by 10; it also operates as a beautiful portable power bank.


Composed of your choice of leather, suede, or wood and brushed or polished aluminum or gold finish, the Ripple is one of the most beautiful power banks available.

Included in the package are the Ripple Charger, a microUSB to USB charging cable, a microfiber storage bag, and a microfiber “snug band”, “our on-the-go accessory.  It will keep your phone and ripple snugly tucked in together in a pocket of your bag while you’re on your way, so you can keep right on charging while you go about your day.”

The Ripple’s charging surface is smooth, and it has a Pond logo attractively embossed. The Ripple measures approximately 5.6″ long by 3″ wide by 0.5″ thick, and it weighs 5.6 ounces.


The back is also smooth wood.


There is a microUSB charging port at the top of the Ripple, and on the bottom, there are four LEDs that will illuminate blue to indicate that the Ripple is being charged.The four LEDs also indicate how much battery is left, measured in 25% increments. There is a fifth LED on the left that will indicate when you are charging your wireless charge compatible device; it should glow solid to show that your device is charging; if it is blinking, you need to adjust your device so that it is better aligned with the Pond logo.


The Ripple can even be charged wirelessly by laying it on top of another Qi wireless charger.

If you are want to charge your phone while it’s in your bag, you can wrap the snug band around the charger and your phone, and it will keep everything together and in place.

Ripple makes it so easy to charge in the way that has been proven to be best for your phone’s battery life; staying charged up by power-snacking throughout the day, instead of letting it completely drain and then having to relinquish it for hours.  Keeping your phone charge above 50% actually extends your battery life.   With no wires, there’s less down-time for your phone–pick it up and use it as you need to–unencumbered.  There’s nothing plugged into anything.  And no more anxiety over searching for power outlets, or digging in your bag, hoping you brought the right cord.  With a Ripple you can relax. Your power is in your own hands.

The pond Ripple is a gorgeous and functional wireless charger, whether you have it laying on your desk or you carry it in your bag. It would make a great holiday gift, too!

The Pond Ripple Wireless Charger starts at $99; the walnut and aluminum version featured in this review sells for $149. They are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Beautiful wireless charger made with wood, leather, or suede and aluminum; Can be used as a portable power bank; Looks great on your desk or at the coffee shop; LEDs let you know how much battery life is left;

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, it works as advertised

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