The Tile Slim Is the Best Thing In Your Wallet Besides Money

A few of us here at Gear Diary are very fond of Tile’s bluetooth tracker, which is a helpful piece of gear that can help you find your keys or your smartphone, but what if you wanted a little bit more? Well, you’re in luck!

Tile Slim Wallet
As of today Tile has introduced their Tile Slim, which is the world thinnest bluetooth tracker, designed specifically for your wallet! As someone who is infamous for losing their wallet in between the couch or leaving it in a pair of pants that I’m not currently wearing, the Tile Slim came at the perfect time. Another one-up that Tile has over competitors is that they’ve introduced a very unique business to business platform called the Tile Smart Location Platform, which lets companies actually embed Tile’s location technology into their own bluetooth related products.
Imagine that casual leather wallet of yours, or even something larger like your suitcase and backpack, now having Tile compatibility, making sure you never go without the things that you need on a day-to-day basis. A few companies working with Tile are a few favorites from Gear Diary and some that you’ll soon learn to love. Here are a few:
  • EcoReco — the first connected and findable electric scooter will integrate Tile’s smart location technology into their new Model R EV scooters.

  • Nomad — an innovative smartphone and smartwatch accessories maker will launch PowerPack, a portable battery pack integrated with Tile’s smart location technology, coming this fall.

  • Zillion — The ultimate smart wallet with built-in powerbank and cable, and smart location technology by Tile.

 “The introduction of Tile Slim and our first-ever platform are significant steps toward achieving our mission to give everything the power of smart location,” said Mike Farley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Tile. “We want to get smart location into everyone’s hands, no matter what products they use.”
I had the opportunity to review the Tile Slim over the past few weeks, and I’m amazed by the product. As someone who’s already a fan of the keyring Tile, and its ability to show up on my phone when I’ve gone too far away from my device, the Tile Slim makes life that much better.
The Tile Slim is as slim as two credit cards stacked together, which means they are pretty serious about this thing being “slim”.
 Case in point, I have a habit of leaving my wallet on my countertop while exiting the house almost every single morning on the way to work. Now, with the Tile Slim, by the time I get to my elevator, my phone (which I’m possibly looking down at checking for my Uber) has alerted me that I’ve left it behind.
But the Tile Slim is more than just to locate your wallet, passport, and thin items that you can pocket. Just like the original Tile, if you have your Tile Slim in hand, you can actually locate your phone, even if the phone is on silent mode, and view it’s last known location on a map.
If you’re not able to actually find your phone or the like at it’s last location, you can tap into Tile’s community based system, which works as the world’s largest lost-and-found network and have your peers contribute in helping you find your prized possessions. Coupled with four unique ringtones (which all sound pretty cool) the Tile Slim is simply put the best thing in your wallet other than money.
The Tile Slim will set you back $30 for a single device, or $100 for a pack of four if you decide to be friendly and give as gifts (I’d personally put one in all of my favorite things).
Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit.
What I Like: Slim enough to fit in a wallet, suitcase or even your favorite book/
What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t come with an adhesive if you wanted to attach it to something like a passport (or things without pockets).

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