iStabilizer Glass Car Mount Goes Along for the Ride

iStabilizer Glass Car Mount

If you are looking for a windshield mount that will hold your smartphone with ease while offering a good degree of flexibility you will want to check out the iStabilizer Glass windshield mount for smartphones. It is part of the company’s growing line of smartphone and tablet accessories and, like all of the other products from iStabilizer, I’m rather impressed.

iStabilizer Glass Car Mount

The iStabilizer Glass is a simple windshield mount for your smartphone. It consists of two different pieces – one that connects to your windshield via a strong suction cup and the other an attachment that securely holds your smartphone. Let’s start with the latter part of the accessory since it is familiar to anyone who has used the company’s other products. Learn more about all the company’s products here on their website.

iStabilizer Glass Car Mount

iStabilizer’s mount is a simple but effective way to hold your smartphone in place. It is a spring-loaded accessory that easily lift to conform to various smartphone sizes. And because it is flexible it will work with most any smartphone whether it is in a case or not. And while the Mount does hold larger smartphones it isn’t big enough to hold one of the growing number of phablet phone/tablet combination devices. In order to accommodate those the company has released an extra large version of their mount, the Mount XL.

What I find so intriguing about the iStabilizer Mount is not just its ease of use but the flexibility that comes with it. One Mount can work with the Glass suction holder or with a tripod or with a monopod. That means you have a variety of different scenarios in which you can use the accessory to hold your smartphone.

My only quibble with the iStabilizer Mount is the rubber tab at the top for extending the mount and keeping the metal from touching the phone. It works fine but slips out too easily. The one I am using with the Glass fell off and disappeared shortly after I began to use it.

IMG 0966

The second part of the Glass is a simple suction mount. I’ve had mixed results with suction mounts over the years but the one included as part of the Glass system is excellent. Not only is it easy to install but it has held perfectly since I put it up a number of months ago.

IMG 1980 2

In keeping with the simplicity of design this accessory doesn’t have multiple adjustable, articulating arms but rather has simply two points of movement. At first it doesn’t appear to be all too adjustable but once you start using it you quickly realize that the simplicity belies a flexibility that is quite excellent. No, since it lacks an articulating arm you won’t get the flexibility of being able to bring the smartphone closer to you or moving it further away but it is surprisingly adjustable. By simply rotating it along the two pivot points you can use your smartphone in either portrait or landscape. In addition, the  can get the best viewing angle possible.

IMG 0975

And when the smart phone isn’t in place the Glass doesn’t obscure much of your vision.


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In all this is simple design is priced well simply works. And when you need to hold your smartphone on tripod monopod you can simply remove the Mount and take it with you. How’s that for an accessory that serves double duty. Check out all of the company’s products here.

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: Simple to install; Works as promised; Holds well; Flexible; Mount can be used with other accessories

What Needs Improvement: Rubber pull on the metal holder falls off and is easily lost

Source: Personal purchase

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