Speck Gets Some Love from the History Channel’s ‘Inspector America’

Speck Gets Some Love from the History Channel's 'Inspector America'

Have you caught any episodes of Inspector America? That’s the show where Timothy Galarnyk, an “infrastructure safety inspector with over 35 years of experience”, goes around the country checking out our cities bridges, roads, water-systems (among other things) in order to show what is right or wrong with the way our infrastructure is being maintained or problems are being solved.

We record and save up several episodes to watch at a time, and last night Kev and I caught the episode where he’s in Los Angeles. One of the segments included Timothy talking about the billion(!!) dollars being spent by LA to widen the 405 freeway by one lane — or 12 feet — for ten miles, and he was breaking the cost down to show that it equaled nearly $19,000 per foot. ¡Ay Caumba!

Like many of us would, he whipped out his phone to do the calculations, and I couldn’t help but notice his iPhone case was encased in an old friend — the Speck CandyShell.

Since the phone got such prominent placement but I never noticed anything with Speck’s name on it, I figured I’d throw a couple screenshots up to show Speck (and the rest of the world) one of their cases being used in the wild.

 Speck Gets Some Love from the History Channel's 'Inspector America'

CottonDandy Blue‘ is probably not the color combo I would have picked for Timothy, though, as it’s the one I used for some time. He seems more like a ‘Batwing Black, ‘Moonsuit White‘ or ‘IndiWhoa Blue‘ kinda guy, but for all I know he snagged one of the production crew’s phones for this scene! 😉

Speck Gets Some Love from the History Channel's 'Inspector America'

Now sure, it’s possible that some forward thinking PR person at Speck thought to send Timothy a Candyshell, but considering he has only just started to do endorsements, I’m going to believe that this was simply a situation where a guy picked and used a case that he liked; because he happens to be a guy on a TV show, his iPhone in that case got a couple of moments in the spotlight, too. Pretty cool for Speck! =)


Episode Info: A Bridge Too Old. (2011). The History Channel website.

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