Red Crow Mysteries Legion Brings Another Great Hidden Object Mystery to the Mac

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

When I reviewed Red Crow Mysteries: Legion for the iPad, I was thrilled to check it out because I had enjoyed the games I had played by developer Cateia Games, including Where Angels Cry and Fate of the Pharoah. Each of these had compelling gameplay and interesting stories, so I assumed that would carry over to Red Crow Mysteries: Legion – and I was right! Let’s see how the port to the Mac went!

Type of app: Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) game

Platform/where to buy: Mac; available in the Mac App Store

Developer: Cateia Games / G5 Entertainment

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion has loads of content, including:
· 73 hidden object scenes to search
· 25 challenging mini-games to play
· Three awesome chapters with six eye-catching locations
· Three game play modes: easy, casual and adventure

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

Major features: Red Crow Mysteries: Legion tells the tale of a young woman who suddenly awakes with a calling to defeat the evil forces seeking to take over the world – the force is called Legion based on the historical reference, and based on powers that she has, she is both the only hope and a target.

To learn about her past and how it weaves into her future, she must work her way through a series of puzzles and hidden object scenes that take place at her house, on the road, and at her grandfather’s house. There are typical object lists, item combinations, puzzles of all types, and others.

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

The game is fairly standard in terms of the feature list, but what I liked was the compelling characters and the ever-present intrigue and sense of danger. There were no cheap scares, just a sense of foreboding throughout. The big issue was that I wanted to carry the tale further!

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

Ease of use/Overall performance: If you have played previous G5 hidden object games, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion will pose no difficulties. There were some challenging items to locate and tricky puzzles, but nothing too problematic. And technically the game was flawless, never crashing or leaving me stranded (sometimes hint systems get ‘stuck).

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! I love games that wrap together solid adventure game elements and a story worth following. With more than a few hours of gameplay, plenty of content across varied locations, and a great story to follow, this was a fun adventure.

Red Crow Mysteries Legion for Mac

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Before I was half-way through I knew I would be left with a cliff-hanger ending … I was not surprised, but it was still disappointing!

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: $4.99 – (sale price until June 22nd, then the price returns to $6.99)

Here is the trailer:

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