JLAB Supra Headphones Review – High Dollar Features in a Budget Headphone

JLAB Supra Headphones

Since my time in the “reading lab” during elementary school, I have rarely worn over the ear style of headphones and thought it might be time to try. I have always preferred the mostly hidden in-ear buds over the larger, attention-getting over-ear headphones. Most of my athletes have moved to the latter for what I assume are style preferences, but they all assure me they are more comfortable and sound better. With that in mind, I wanted to give on-ear headphones a shot. I recently received a review pair of JLAB Supra headphones, and I have been using for a couple of weeks. Let’s take a look.

JLAB Supra Headphones

The JLAB Supra on ear headphones are designed with simplicity, elegance, and comfort in mind, according to the company. 40mm drivers promise to provide JLAB’s signature balanced sound, and the micro suede memory foam ear pads promise ultimate comfort for long time use. The Supra comes in six colors and sports a flat, detachable cable with a line-in microphone for phone calls.

The headphones are packaged impressively, and they look and feel like a high-quality product right out of the box. One thing I like about the appearance is that they are not too flashy, but they have a simple, stylish look. The color flows seamlessly from the ear piece across the top. Since the headphones are on the ear rather than over the ear, JLAB was able to make the ear pieces smaller, which I prefer. Flashy and over the top is definitely not how I roll, and the Supra has the kind of style I like. They look cool, but they do not scream for attention.

JLAB Supra Headphones

I was cautious about the comfort and sound quality, since the headphones are on ear and not over the ear. Instead of creating a cup around the ear, the phone pads rest right on top. The micro suede memory foam pads are surprisingly comfortable. I have worn them for long periods of time with no ear fatigue. Could sound quality still be great with the pads on top of the ear and not cupped around it?

Obviously JLAB designed the drivers for the on ear pads, because the audio quality is top-notch. Oddly enough, outside noises are almost completely blocked out. The memory foam and its shape still creates a good seal on the ear that keeps average noises from interfering with the audio. I do have to use a bit more volume than I do with other products, but once I bump it up, the sound is good.

As I write this, I am listening to my good friend Chris King’s album 1983. The audio is balanced and works with all genres of music. The lows are not overpowering, but have a great kick much like a well-balanced home system. The mids are clear leaving vocals sounding great. The highs are crisp and balanced well with all of the channels. I was able to hear all the details of the music and would call it a full audio experience.

JLAB Supra Headphones

This may sound geeky, but my favorite feature of the JLAB Supra headphones is the detachable flat cables. This is my first pair of headphones of any style with a detachable cable, and over the years I have found that almost every failure I have ever had was due to the cable. There is often not anywhere to put the cable safely when not in use. The flat cable rarely gets tangled or twisted. I am not sure about the science for why it works like that, but it does work well. Storing the headphones in the supplied carry bag is simple with the cable disconnected, and I really think this feature will extend the life of the product. I would tell you if the cable plugs into the right or left ear, but my headphones are not marked. The website photos shows the sides labeled, but mine are not. I would prefer to have them on correctly.

The JLAB Supra on ear headphones get a thumbs up from me. Their simple style is perfect for my personality, and they come in multiple colors for people wanting more flare. While the sound needs a bit more volume, it is balanced and high quality.

The Supras are comfortable and light, and I am able to wear them for long periods of time without any discomfort. The removable, flat cord prevents tangles and will keep them pumping out music for a long time. The best part is that these headphones are a steal at the current sale price of $49.99. That is a lot of quality for $50 in my opinion. If interested, you might jump on the deal. You will not be disappointed.

JLAB Supra on ear headphones are available from the manufacturer and from our AmazonJLAB Supra Headphones Review - High Dollar Features in a Budget Headphone affiliate store.

MSRP: $89.99 on sale for $49.99

What I like: I like the simple, sleek design and the removable flat cable; They sound great for the price

What could be improved: I really wish right and left sides were labeled

Source: Manufacture review sample

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  1. Thanks, man. I’m looking for something for my daughter, who cares more about the color (teal) than the audio quality. She spotted a pair of Monster DNA headphones for $150, and I was certain that that price tag was not necessary. Still, I didn’t want to get some ten-dollar piece of crap that wouldn’t last a year; hopefully these will last her through college. I’ve read a lot of reviews that said they break easily but that the warranty was top notch and customer service was responsive. Still, hardly anyone really discusses the sound quality. CNET is too busy reviewing $250 headphones to bother with the JLabs. I’d like a little more details about the impedance and frequency response (surprisingly hard to find without getting hands on the package) but most headphones in the $50-$250 price range are identical anyway. I’ll trust your judgment and buy her these.

  2. Pablo Litardo | December 18, 2013 at 10:58 pm |

    How were they ? Thinking of getting my dad some for Christmas, They look great ! But I just hoping they have a awesome sound as close as good as the beats, because the beats are really expensive just for their branding, lemme know !

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