SPIbelt Makes Their Kids Pouches Insulin Friendly

SPIbelt Makes Their Kids Pouches Insulin Friendly

I think I enthuse about SPIbelt almost as much as I enthuse about RoadID. SPIbelts are small low-profile waist packs that are ideal for running, hiking, and other activities where you need to keep your phone, a granola bar, or some other small items close to your person. They are an American company that consistently improves and refines their product based on the feedback from users, and their latest refinement shows they pay close attention to how parents and children use SPIbelts!

SPIbelts are very popular with kids who have medical needs such as diabetes. It’s much more attractive and exciting for a child to carry their insulin pump in a SPIbelt in their favorite color, or to have one that matches each outfit for the week. After the company heard about this, they updated their children’s SPIbelts with reinforced holes in the back so insulin tubes and other medical tubing could be fed through comfortably. Basically, the SPIbelt went from being a conveniently sized pouch for children to something that can be safely used for medical equipment as well!

It’s changes like this that always impress me about SPIbelt. Their products are dynamic, and the designs and styles are influenced by users. For everything from toting iPhones to insulin pumps, SPIbelt has you covered! You can check out their full line of products here, and the kids styles here.


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