The Bellabeat Leaf Urban Is Probably the Most Mindful Fitness Tracker Yet

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The Bellabeat Leaf Urban Is Probably the Most Mindful Fitness Tracker Yet Listen to this article

Sure, any health tracker can count your steps and maybe your sleep, but the new Bellabeat Leaf Urban tracks steps, sleep, and monthly cycles though the app; it has stress-predicting and tracking technology together with mindfulness management features, and it is pretty.

Leaf Urban

If you’re not an owner of one of the 400K+ Bellabeat Leaf fitness trackers out there, the new Leaf Urban may make you reconsider. Working with the Leaf App, the Leaf Urban tracks “women’s activity and sleep, provides an overview about reproductive health, and now, with the brand new patented feature, helps predict and manage stress. The new stress-predicting feature analyzes different lifestyle habits to help users not only manage stress, but also prevent it by determining the triggers that cause it.”

leaf urban 3

Launching today, the Leaf Urban has an app that works on Android or iOS, and it is available in silver for $119 or rose gold for $129. Since stress is something I know all too well (and constantly struggle to manage), I’m interested to see how it works. Luckily I have a review unit coming, so I’ll be able to check it out and tell you all about it. 🙂

Learn more about the Bellabeat Leaf Urban by clicking here.


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