C9 by Champion Flip Top “Glommit” Review

C9 by Champion Flip Top "Glommit" Review

It hasn’t been too cold yet this winter, but I am sure now that it is January the cooler temps will be coming. And like every year, I’ll have two issues. One, my hands get super cold when I run, but then they heat up in gloves, necessitating a gloves on/gloves off routine every half mile. Second, using a smartphone in the dead of winter is a huge pain. It’s a juggling routine to free my fingers from gloves to tap the screen, then cover them back up before it gets too cold. I could use special gloves with capacitive fingertips, or carry a stylus, but I’ve found an accessory that solves BOTH of my cold weather issues. Enter the “Glommit”.

C9 by Champion Flip Top "Glommit" Review

What is the Glommit, you ask? It’s one of those hybrid mitten/glove types; imagine fingerless gloves mated with a mitten flip-top. I bought these at Target, who also lists this on the tag as a “texting glove” since you can free up your fingers to type more easily. Sarah is a big fan of these types of gloves, but the main issue we’ve run into with them is that the flaps tend to be sewn on poorly or have other quality issues. I had a similar pair for last winter, and the flap was made of a thin material that didn’t do much to keep my fingers warm. So when I found these on the shelf I braced for disappointment.

C9 by Champion Flip Top "Glommit" Review

Luckily I was entirely wrong. These are C9 gloves, and if you’ve ever used Target’s C9 by Champion brand before, you’re familiar with the fact that it’s typically high-quality products at a low price. All of my issues with hybrid gloves are solved here. The flap is sewn on nice and securely, and I have no concerns that repeat opening/closing is going to wear out the seam. Instead of just flopping around, or using a cumbersome hook system, the flap secures to the back of the glove with a circle of velcro, which is also sewn into the material. Best of all, the flap and glove combination are both made from thick, warm material, so your fingers won’t freeze even with the gloves open. There are even little slots for your thumbs to escape, so if you’re a thumb typist you can tap away on your iPhone without exposing your hands to the elements. My only issue is that they are “one size fits all” and seems a bit roomy even on my large-ish hands. So if you have very small hands, you might find your fingertips swimming in these gloves!

So these gloves definitely fit the bill nicely as a “texting glove”. Phone use doesn’t end just because it gets cold outside, and these let me use my phone without freezing my fingers. As for my running use, it honestly hasn’t been cold enough to test them yet, but they are extremely comfortable and easy to pull on and off, and I have no doubts they’ll be very handy the first time I run through a snowstorm. Plus they have a hook and loop system to stay together, which hopefully means next year when I go digging for them in my cold weather bin I find both of them! There are other solutions for using your phone in the cold, but these are versatile, stylish, and sold at your local Target….what could be better?

MSRP: $16.99 at Target

What I Like: Keeps my fingers and hands warm but exposes them for smartphone access and cooling purposes; Build quality is excellent; Cheap

What Needs Improvement: One size fits all might be too big for some

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  1. I can’t find the washing instructions on mine! Is it just machine wash with cold water or do u have to handwash?

  2. I am not sure. I will have to check mine tonight.

    I would give them a quick hand wash-with the Velcro and the flaps I think a machine wash would be a touch too harsh.

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