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September 16, 2009 • Gaming, Reviews

Connected Review for iPhone/Touch App Review

Puzzle games have become a staple in the app store lately.  Creating something that is new, challenging and fun has become more difficult.  Connected steps in as a contender in the puzzle game category.

The idea of Connected is simple.  Take the pipe pieces and connect the start and finish pieces.  Sounds easy right?

From the developer:

Connected is simple idea, each of the 40 puzzles contains a number of pipe pieces.  At the edge of the board are some start and end points.  You just have to move the pieces to create a continuous pipe from start to finish, oh and you can’t leave any open ends.

The game is really two different puzzles.  Connecting the pipes without open ends is the main puzzle, but there is also the issue of moving the pipes.  The pieces block each other and must be freed in order to correctly arrange them.

If the game seems super easy in the beginning, keep playing.  The difficulty level will gently increase as the game progresses through the 40 stages.  Connected is great when you have a spare minute or two to play, then come back again later.  Keep working to finish the game then start back over.  Connected is available here in the app store for $.99.

What I like: The puzzles are addicting and get more difficult with each level.

What I don’t like: I would like to see more puzzles added in the future to keep the game playable.

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  1. I love those pipe puzzle mini-games … thanks for pointing this out, Travis!

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