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It is easy to think all cables are the same, but that simply isn’t the case. Not only do high-quality cables last longer and perform better, but they can also enhance the experience of using your devices. Just Mobile’s Highway Max, AluCable Twist and AluCable Mini do just that. We got one of each for review!

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Before I get into our closer look at these Just Mobile cables, I need to say a word about the cables Apple includes with their devices. Word came out sometime in the late summer or early fall that the update to iOS 7.0 would likely break the usability of some unofficial aftermarket lightning connectors. While it is certainly an obnoxious move by Apple it is also understandable to a degree, since they want to ensure that their products work as well as possible. Cheap aftermarket cables may work just fine, but they also may not perform up to Apple’s standards. What makes little to no sense to me is the fact that after updating my devices to the release version of iOS 7, some of Apple’s own cables stopped working. Yes, plug in the cable that came with one of my Apple devices, and you get a warning that the cable is not designed to work with Apple’s products.

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And yet … the cable in question COMES from Apple! Huh???

The good news is that the cables we received from Just Mobile not only look fantastic but, unlike some of Apple’s own cables, THEY actually work properly. Yes, Just Mobile’s cables do something that some of Apple’s own cables can’t … they work. Go figure.

Just Mobile AluCable Twist

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If you want a long cable that doesn’t get tangled up when you are not using it, then you’ll want to check out Just Mobile’s AluCable Twist. It stretches from 3.94″ to a length of just under 6′; it is a great way to have a compact cable that isn’t so compact.

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The USB and Lightning connectors are made of metal (something Just Mobile is known for). They not only look great, but they feel solid. This isn’t a cable that’s going to fall apart after six months! Sure, at $24.95 it costs more than bargain cables, but if you want a cable that will work properly — AND look great — AND hold up over time — AND look good when used with one of Just Mobile’s other accessories. then you’re going to want to go to the added expense of getting this cable.

Just Mobile AluCable Mini

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We recently reviewed the Griffin PowerDock 5. It allows you to charge five different devices at the same time. (Check out Judie’s review here. Check out my second look review here.) It is a great product but, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with cables. You need to supply your own. Thing is, attaching 5 3-6′ cables quickly becomes a tangled mess and the dock is supposed to clean things up NOT make them messier. That’s where short cables come in. They do the job but don’t have the extra length that gets tied up on itself. That’s exactly what the AluCable Mini does. It’s only about 5″ long, and it has the same high quality metal connectors on both the USB and the Lightning connector side of things.

Just Mobile AluCable Mini™ All

Just Mobile AluCable Mini (aka The short Lightning cable) is the cable that, to steal a line from the Goldilocks story, is just right. It is long enough to get the job done, but it is short enough to help you avoid cable mess. The same comments apply here as they did with regard to the AluCable Twist. At $19.95 there are cheaper available options available, but by purchasing this cable from Just Mobile you’ll be guaranteed to get a cable that works, looks good, and will hold up well. Organization can come at an expense, and this is a worthwhile expense.

Just Mobile Highway Max

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The final item in this Just Mobile Roundup is the Highway Max. This is a “high-powered, twin-slot in-car charger” that takes into account the fact that many of us now need to charge a phone and a tablet on the go.

Just Mobile Highway Max™ All

In keeping with Just Mobile’s design aesthetic it is finished in high-grade aluminium. Two high-performance 2.1A USB ports allow for fast charging and include a built-in fuse to protect against power surges. The Just Mobile Highway Max ships with a coiled USB to microUSB cable charging cable so you are ready to charge many devices right after you pull the charger from its box. If you want to charge Apple devices however, you will need a USB to 30-PIN or USB to Lightning cable. And because the $29.95 Just Mobile Highway Max looks terrific, this won’t be a car charger you want to hide away in the console.

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We’ve always been impressed with Just Mobile’s products. They are always built well, offer a clean appealing aesthetic, and they hold up well over time. The Just Mobile Highway Max, AluCable Twist, and AluCable Mini are no exception.

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Each is built to exacting specifications, looks great, and promises to hold up well over time. You’ll pay a bit more for these products, but the visual and performance benefits are well worth the expense. I simply enjoy using products that look and feel great more than I do similar items that just get the job done. If you find the same to be true, then you should check these out!

Just Mobile Highway Max – $29.99
Just Mobile AluCable Twist – $24.99
Just Mobile AluCable Mini – $19.99

What I Like: Well made; Appealing aesthetic; Will hold up well over time

What Needs Improvement: Pricier than some discount options

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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