Tony Levin is Back with a New Levin Minneman Rudess Recording!

Levin Minneman Rudess

Levin Minneman Rudess

Back in 2011 I was thrilled to review the latest release from Tony Levin, a trio set called ‘Levin Torn White’. I was impressed with every aspect of the recording, saying:

aside from trying to assign genre labels, the most fitting label is ‘collaboration’. This recording is about three great musicians working together to share a vision of music with each other and with their audience. To that end they have constructed a cohesive set of statements borne out of rhythm and harmony and a passion atmosphere that is instantly communicative yet reveals more with each listen. This is a glorious celebration of music and one of my favorite recordings of 2011!

So when Scott Schorr of Lazy Bones Recordings let me know that Tony Levin was teaming up with Marco Minniman and Jordan Rudess for an album landing September 5th, I was intrigued – and after listening to the clip below I was hooked.

Let’s look at the personnel – three prog-rock giants:
• TONY LEVIN – Basses, Chapman Stick and Cello (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment, John Lennon, Pink Floyd; “Tony Levin is one of the world’s best bass players, if not the best.” – Peter Gabriel)
• MARCO MINNEMANN – Drums and Guitar (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani )
• JORDAN RUDESS – Keyboards-Continuum-Wizardly Noises and Seaboard (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Dixie Dregs)

Here is some video featuring an unmastered mix of the song Marcopolis:

You can also preview more audio at SoundCloud Also, head to or for more info.

To pre-order the $29.95 ‘Deluxe Edition’ CD/DVD combo head to

The Deluxe Edition includes:
– 24 bit wav files
– Exclusive Bonus Track
– Video of Tony & Jordan jamming in studio
– Marco interview
– Tony & Jordan interview
– Outtakes/Additional Footage
– Early home demo mixes by Marco

And the first 1000 copies will be signed by the trio!

As I said, the official release date is September 5th – at which point you should be able to get the standard version from the normal sources. Are you ready?

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