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January 8, 2013 • Music Diary, News

Android Mobile Musicians Rejoice – IK Multimedia Accessories Now Work on Android!

IK Accessories Android Compatible

IK Multimedia is coming to Android full force this year at CES! Having just announced iRig Recorder for Android, they have opened the possibilities for mobile music-making on the platform. But just having an app isn’t good enough, you need ways to get your music into the app – so now IK Multimedia has announced the compatibility of several of their accessories with Android and iRig Recorder, including the iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast, and iRig PRE. All of those products will work well in tandem with the just announced iRig Recorder for Android, the easy-to-use recording and editing IK Multimedia app.

A couple of things to note: first off the release mentions using the accessories “with the most popular Android smartphones and tablets, such as the Samsung® Galaxy and Note range”. This means (as usual) that you will need to be careful about what devices you try to use the app with. Also, the big omission from the list? iRig, the guitar input accessory. Obviously this has to wait for Amplitube, but it is a reminder that while we have a great first entry for music on Android, there is a LONG way to go!

Head to IK Multimedia to check out their entire line of mobile apps and accessories!

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