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In an ever-crowded headphone market, MUNITIO is looking to make its mark with the PRO40 headphones. At about $350 these headphones,which include a Bass Enhancing Chamber for powerful bass without distortion, aren’t cheap. They do, however, look to offer great sound and a quality build. You can order yours on the product page.


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We got a look at Munitio’s upcoming PRO40 Headphones last January at CES 2013 and were impressed with how great they looked. We weren’t able to give them a listen at the time, but the use of 40mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers and Munitio’s tuning of the headphones promised to deliver excellent sound when the PRO40s finally shipped. The PRO40s, which have an MSRP of $349.99, but they are currently listed on Amazon for just under $300, are built from aircraft-grade aluminum and high-strength polymer with ultra-soft over-ear pads. The goal in designing them was to offer a pair of headphones that were “as comfortable as they are rugged”. Well, the PRO40 headphones are finally shipping.

These headphones have a striking appearance thanks to the metal ring on each of the earcups and while they don’t scream for attention the way some of the current fashion headphones on the market today do they certainly won’t go unnoticed when you wear them. As Munitio explains, the PRO40s are robust enough for everyday studio use and light enough for the road. The inclusion of an inline volume control compatible of use with Apple products and a two-year replacement warranty make these a great addition to the current high-end headphone offerings in today’s marketplace.

We’ve been impressed with Munitio’s in-ear offerings such as the bullet-shaped Munitio Nines and the far more understated SV Mobile Performance Earphones. In fact, the SV Mobiles remain one of my go-to in-ear headphones and have a permanent place in my gear bag. Considering the care Munitio took when tuning the Nines and the SV Mobiles I expect the PRO40s will sound as good as they look. Time will tell, and we are anxious to get our hands on them. We’ll have a full review of the Munitio PRO40 Headphones soon. In the meantime you can learn more on the product page.

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