Purse n’ Boots Keep Your Money and Gear Safely Stashed

Purse n' Boots Keep Your Money and Gear Safely Stashed

Ladies, how often have you wished that you had a pocket when one wasn’t available, or wished you could go without a bag when carrying one wasn’t practical. If you are wearing a pair of Purse n’ Boots by Elizabeth Anne, you’re set! Pockets inside the boots hold your cellphone, passport, money, and other similarly sized items; these are brilliant!

  • Built in cell phone, credit card and passport pockets (new)
  • Holds everything from your ID, passport, makeup, cell phone, cash and change
  • The first boot in our catalogue with a cushy, comfortable flat heel
  • Ideal for dancing, travel, shopping & riding
  • Fully functional riding heel for horse lovers & motorcycle riders
  • Real genuine cowhide leather
  • Available in three calf sizes
  • Available in sizes 5-11

My favorite style is the European (shown and described above), but there is also a cowboy boot inspired style or a dress boot with a high heel. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates that the boot shaft is available in three calf widths — slim, regular, and wide.

Purse n' Boots Keep Your Money and Gear Safely Stashed

I am seriously considering this pair in brown. =)

Prices range from $189 to $289 depending upon the style you choose; Purse ‘Boots are currently specially priced for the month of August, with delivery slated for mid-October; you can get yours here.

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  • TrvlngDrew

    Hmm.. Not so sure Judie, reminds me of the shoulder holsters that are actually a wallet.. At least the gentler sex gets to carry a handbag, why not do something with a bit more panache, you know a Berkin 🙂

    • Ha! I’ve had a Birkin, and they only fit on the arm — not great for a long day out and about

      I love the idea of being able to stash my ID, phone, and a credit card or two, and then out the door! 😉

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      • TrvlngDrew

        Then be a bloke and stuff it in your pockets like we do! 🙂

        • You are such a guy! 😉 there are times when I don’t have pockets!

          • TrvlngDrew

            LOL Okay you win! All my trousers have at least 2 pockets. Since I don’t fancy carrying a man bag will just carry on!