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My biggest problem with my mobile life is batteries. I seem to spend a large portion of my day figuring out ways to charge while on the go. My days have improved with the Odoyo Power + Shell EX For iPhone 5. At $99.99, the battery case promises to keep your phone charged all day long.


The Power + Shell EX is a rechargeable battery case with kickstand for the iPhone 5. The 2200 mAh battery provides a full charge for the iPhone while the case provides protection. A kickstand is included tucked nicely away on the back of the case making watching media easier. The case is truly a full meal deal of features.


I have used battery cases with several of my iPhones and one thing has been certain. The phone becomes bulky and heavy. While the Odoyo case does add some size to the iPhone 5, i am surprised at how slim it is. About 1/2 inch is added to the length of the phone to accommodate the lightning connector and there is a slight amount added to the thickness for the battery. The design does hide any added bulk well and the phone still feels sleek and comfortable. All of the ports and buttons are usable except the headphone jack. The case comes with an extension wire to fix this problem if it is needed.


Two parts make up the case ensuring quick and easy installation. Slide the phone onto the lightning connector and battery back and snap the bumper on top. Once put together, the case looks good and the phone is held safely inside.

The case uses micro USB (included) for both syncing and charging. The iPhone is charged first then the case powers up. One thing I like about this is that micro USB cables are much cheaper and I have a bunch of them laying around. Colored LED lights on the back of the case indicate the battery power levels. To check the battery level, tap the power button. Red light= 0-33%. Blue light= 33-66%. Green light= 66-100%. On top of being useful, the lights also look cool. Pressing and holding the power button turns the battery on and off making it simple to charge anytime power is needed. I find myself charging in short bursts throughout the day.


I have finally found a battery case that not only looks good, but also does not add too much bulk to use. I can make it through a normal workday with minimal to no need to plug my phone into a power source. Being free of searching for charging opportunities throughout the day has been awesome. If you are on the go all day like me and have trouble staying powered up, take a look at the Odoyo Power + EX for the iPhone 5. You will not be disappointed.

Odoyo Power + EX For iPhone 5

MSRP: $99.99

What I like: Slim and lightweight for battery cases.

What can be improved: If the headphone extender is needed, it can be annoying.

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