Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 Earphones Review

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Back in July I put the Phiaton PS 20 BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset head to head with the Jabra Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset. (Read the pos, here.) I preferred the Phiaton PS 20 BTs to Jabra’s offering, and I have continued to use them on a fairly frequent basis since doing the review.

Among the things that stood out at the time was the unusual design of the earbuds — they are angled in a manner that surprised me. On first appearance, the design looked awkward; I expected them to be uncomfortable, but I was wrong! The earbuds went into my ears with ease, stayed put without my needing to cram them in and, most importantly, they sounded great. Best of all, after wearing them for an extended period of time, the PS 20 BTs still felt comfortable. When I was offered the chance to check out Phiaton’s new MODERNA MS 200 wired headphones, I was eager.

The Phiaton Moderna earphones are described as “Bold, new half in-earphones featuring genuine carbon graphite fiber and a dual chamber for high-quality sound”. They look great but, for an MSRP of $150, they had better sound as good as they look.

So how do they sound? Let’s take a closer look.

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From Phiaton:

Dual Chamber for Rich Sound and Powerful Bass: This striking new addition to the Phiaton line sets a new standard for audio performance of “in-ear” earphones offering powerful bass response and crystal clear sound. The Moderna earphones feature a “Multi-Tune Acoustic Design” with a dual-chamber and 5 tuning points engineered to accelerate airflow. The result is luxurious audio performance with crystal clear sound, rich detail and clean, powerful bass. In addition, its’ double-shelled body helps to contain sound and minimizes reverberation

Red-Hot Carbon Graphite Fiber Design: The Moderna earphones were designed to provide the ultimate in durability, style and convenience. A signature of Phiaton’s line, known for its bold styling, the Moderna’s opulent red and black design offers a bold look and its lightweight, genuine carbon graphite fiber body offers added durability and a modern aesthetic appeal.

The New “Multi-Tune Acoustic Design”: Phiaton’s new “Multi-Tune Acoustic Design” allowed Phiaton sound engineers to combine the excellent bass response of in-ear style buds with the crystal clear high frequency response of open-ear style earphones. Furthermore, Phiaton’s Moderna earphones achieve crystal clear sound quality and powerful bass with its 5 tuning points and dual chamber structure engineered to optimize airflow.

Tangle Free Oval Shaped cable with Microphone: For the ultimate convenience, the Moderna earphones’ tangle-free oval-shaped cable includes a built-in microphone for easy use while you’re on-the-go. Users can easily listen to the person at the other end of the call through their earphones, ensuring that you never need to remove them when you receive a call. These earphones can be stylishly stowed in a matching black and red leather carrying case.

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The headphones have high-quality dynamic speakers with a frequency range of 10 Hz ~ 27,000 Hz and an impedance of 32 Ohm. They weigh in at 0.012 lb without the cord but, for the life of me, I can’t understand why the company would give the weight of the headphones without the cord when the cord is permanently affixed to them. It makes absolutely no sense. The 3.93 ft cord is long enough to wear comfortably without being too long to become tangled.

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The headphones come packaged in a manner befitting the $150 price tag. The heavy-duty box is held closed with a magnet, and the first impression upon opening it is excellent.

What’s in the Box:

MODERNA MS 200 Earphones

4 sizes of silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, L)

RightFit™ Silicone ear tips

Comply™ Foam tips

Carrying case

Quick guide

Warranty Card

Pull up the interior tray and the earphones, and protective case are there waiting for you.

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The leather case is just about as nice and classy a way to protect and carry the earphones that I have seen. I like that since it is, after all, the little touches that sometimes make one product stand out in a crowded field.

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The striking red color of the MODERNAs is far from subtle. That’s not a bad thing. And while I tend to prefer subtlety when it comes to my earphones, cases and other assorted gear, I really like the way these earphones look.

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In the looks department the real standout of these headphones is the carbon fiber design built into the earbuds and 3.5mm plug.

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It isn’t immediately apparent when you first see the MODERNA MS 200s but, upon closer examination, the design jumps out… in a good way.

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So in the looks department the earphones are winners. The same holds true in the comfort department. As previously noted, when I tried my first pair of Phiaton headphones I was surprised at just how comfortable the half in-earphones were. The MODERNA MS 200s carry the same design and, as such, offer the same level of comfort. And if they don’t fit properly right out of the box you can use the other included ear tips to get the fit that is right for you. As the company notes,

Hours of Comfortable Listening, 6 Sets of Eartips: The Moderna Earphones unique and ergonomic “half in-ear” design allows users to comfortably wear their earphones for hours on end. These earphones come with four separate sizes of soft silicon tips to ensure a natural feel and a welcome “no slip” fit. The Moderna Earphones also include Comply™ Foam Tips for the best, comfortable listening experience as well as patented RightFit™ silicon ear tips that deliver an ergonomic, stable fit that’s perfect for exercising.

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So the Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 Earphones look great and are totally comfortable. That meets two of the requirements needed when considering a pair of high-end headphones. The third requirement is, of course, the most important — sound.

I’ve used these extensively for the last week for everything from music to movies to phone calls. My conclusion? The Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 Earphones go three for three. Yup, they look good, fit comfortably and they sound great. Great as in, “I really enjoy using these”. Great as in, “These are another example of the maxim ‘You get what you pay for'”. Great as in, “I’m really glad I was sent these for review because they now have a place in my gear bag. Great as in, “If you have $150 to spend on earbuds these are a terrific option.”

You can learn more about the Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 Earphones and all of the Phiaton line here, on the company website. We have yet another of their products on the way. so keep an eye out for the review.

MSRP: $150

What I Like: Great unboxing experience; Comfortable; Look terrific; In-Line microphone and remote doesn’t stand out but works well; Tangle free cord; Sound great

What Needs Improvement: Nothing but at a price of $150 you had better LOVE the red color and unusual earbud design

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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