Hungry for Qooqi? The Cable Organization Solution

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Bedtime.  You check your email one last time, remove your glasses, grab your phone charger and discover the wire has once fallen to the floor… again.  You just want to go to sleep, but instead, are blindly searching for the cable. Qooqi, a convenient cable organizer and holder is here to help. Back it on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear

Qooqi, pronounced “cookie”, is a small unibody aluminum disc designed to hold up to five cables, each 4mm thick, in one place. The metal disc is less than 2” in diameter and as thick as an iPhone 4/4S.  The bottom sports nano pad technology that helps keep the Qooqi in place.

Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear

The Qooqi can be placed on either a horizontal or a vertical surface. Personally I appreciate the flexibility of being able to choose where you want to locate your wires.  In my office, I would keep the Qooqi in a horizontal position while, on my night table, a vertical position would be perfect. I would, however, like to see how well the Qooqi can withstand tugs or pulls on the cables it holds.  Will it remain in place?  Or will it, with all of my other wires, constantly shift around. Time will tell but I know a number of us on Gear Diary have already backed this project.

Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear   Kickstarter Computer Gear

Qooqi is projected to be shipped out to backers in December of 2013.  There are various backing options available including the $17 option which will earn you one set of Qooqis – one matte silver and one matte black.  

So, are you hungry for Qooqi, yet?  If so, head over to Kickstarter and back this project!

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Stacey Spector
I'm probably one of the busiest people you'll ever meet. As a high school teacher by day and a grad school student/cook/athlete by night, I appreciate any technology that can help make my life more manageable. I also revel in anything that provides an escape from the world of grading and writing essays. I'm interested in using technology in the classroom and have vowed to never become that teacher who can't keep up with her students' cool new gadgets and sneaky ways of doing shady things during class.

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